Where Can I Find a Child Sex Abuse Attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?

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Where Can I Find a Child Sex Abuse Attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida? - Bus

Big Pine Key Child Sex Abuse Attorney

No parent ever wants to discover that their precious child experienced egregious sexual abuse. Childhood sexual abuse can have a lasting impact on survivors and potentially affect their quality of life and mental health well into adulthood. In addition to the physical and emotional cost of abuse, the financial damage over a victim’s lifetime can be astronomical. 

However, abused individuals and their families could file a civil lawsuit to recover damages. While compensation cannot turn back time, it can help provide for medical needs, psychological counseling, and other recovery costs.

If you are wondering, “Where can I find a child sex abuse attorney in Big Pine Key, FL?”—get in touch with Morgan & Morgan. Our compassionate and determined child sex abuse attorneys are here to help you and your child get what you deserve after experiencing the most difficult time in your lives. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine how we can help you.

What Is Child Sex Abuse?

Child sexual abuse occurs when sexual behaviors or acts are forced upon a minor child. 

Children are unable to consent to sexual activity. Therefore, if a perpetrator engages in sexual behaviors with a minor (under the age of 18), they are generally acting unlawfully as per Florida law. Child sexual abuse does not necessarily include physical contact between the child and the perpetrator. Instances of abuse can include but are not limited to:

  • Exhibitionism
  • Intercourse of any kind (vaginal, oral, or anal)
  • Taking, owning, or sharing photographs and videos of a sexual nature involving minors
  • Obscene phone calls or text messages
  • Engaging in sexual activity in front of a child
  • Forcing a minor to masturbate
  • Fondling
  • Sex trafficking
  • Other sexual acts or behaviors involving children 

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Noticing signs of child abuse can be vital. In many instances, an abused child may not open up about what is happening to them. The abuser may threaten or convince the child to keep quiet. In some cases, children feel ashamed or think the abuse is their fault. If you notice any of the following symptoms, your child may experience sexual abuse:

Unexplained Changes in Behavior

Any drastic changes in character or behavior should be investigated. A child experiencing abuse might show any of the following changes:

  • Withdrawal
  • Aggression
  • Clinginess
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Bedwetting

Avoiding the Perpetrator 

The child may try to avoid spending time alone with a particular person or seem afraid of them. 

Inappropriate Behavior 

An abused child may behave sexually inappropriately for their age or use obscene language.

Physical Signs

There may be physical signs that your child is experiencing sexual abuse, such as:

  • Difficulty walking or sitting
  • Soreness in the genital and anal areas
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Pregnancy

Problems in School

An abused child could have trouble keeping up at school. They may find learning and concentrating difficult and experience a drop in their grades.

Becoming the victim of sexual abuse can affect a child for many years and present a considerable emotional burden. If you or your child suffered from sexual abuse, our attorneys can help you find support and identify your legal options for getting justice. 

How to Report Child Abuse in Big Pine Key, Florida

Reporting child abuse is mandatory in Florida. Anyone who suspects or discovers that a child is subjected to sexual abuse must make a report to the authorities as soon as possible. You can report child abuse in Big Pine Key by calling the 24-hour hotline provided by the Florida Department of Children and Families at 1-800-962-2873. The toll-free number connects you to counselors waiting to help you. You could also file an online report on the department’s website: https://reportabuse.dcf.state.fl.us/. 

Compensation in Child Sex Abuse Cases

The amount of compensation that survivors and their families could receive from a child sex abuse claim varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • The type and length of abuse 
  • The physical and psychological effects of sexual abuse on the victim
  • Expenses such as medical and counseling bills
  • Estimated future costs of medical care and psychological treatment

There could be a range of damages available for victims and their families. However, since every case is unique, consider speaking to our child sex abuse attorneys to determine the worth of your claim.

Proving a Child Sex Abuse Case

Child sex abuse cases can be complex, as the perpetrator could be held to account with a criminal and a civil trial. Criminal lawsuits focus on punishing the abuser. A civil case, on the other hand, is initiated by the victim or family to pursue monetary damages. The burden of proof in a civil trial is somewhat lower than in a criminal trial. You and your attorney will have to show a “preponderance” of evidence to hold an abuser to account in a civil lawsuit. Evidence other than the victim’s statement can include: 

Medical Records

Photographs of any injuries and physician or psychologist statements can help an attorney build a solid case against an abuser. Our attorneys can liaise with your medical providers to obtain statements and relevant medical records showing physical injuries from abuse. 

DNA Evidence

Timing is of the essence when collecting DNA evidence. A medical examination is usually necessary to collect DNA immediately after the sexual act. However, DNA could also be present on clothing, underwear, bedding, and elsewhere. While DNA evidence is not available or applicable in every sexual abuse case, it can be a valuable tool to prove abuse. 

The Perpetrator’s Statement

In some cases, a perpetrator can get tripped up by their own lies and contradict prior statements, lending more credibility to the victim’s account. Moreover, some perpetrators admit to the crime when questioned. 

Internet Evidence

Abusers often leave an internet trail of their activities. For example, they may be exchanging illegal pornographic child images or messages and emails with other abusers. Our attorneys can work with professional investigators who can uncover any digital trails left by an abuser, whether on social media or elsewhere on the internet. 

Finding a Child Sex Abuse Attorney in Big Pine Key, FL

Finding an experienced, compassionate, and determined lawyer who fights vigorously for the rights of abuse victims can be crucial. While there are many personal injury lawyers, concentrate on finding an attorney who has experience in handling child sex abuse claims and a successful track record. 

While word-of-mouth can be an excellent way to find an attorney, it is understandable that victims and close family members may not want to talk openly to friends and wider family about what happened. However, you can find suitable attorneys from the privacy of your home, using the internet as a resource. An online search for “child sex abuse lawyers near me” can bring up attorneys’ names and the details of law firms handling child abuse claims. You could also contact the Florida Bar for contact details of attorneys near you.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Can a Morgan & Morgan Child Sex Abuse Attorney Help?

    A child sex abuse lawyer from Morgan & Morgan can be by your side every step of the way during this challenging time. We can guide you through the legal process and vigorously fight for your rights and adequate compensation in court. 

    Assessing Your Claim

    We can assess your claim and walk you through your legal options for recovering damages from the perpetrator. Our child sex abuse lawyers can also identify resources and support agencies in the Keys and South Florida area that could assist with your child’s recovery. 

    Calculating the Value of Your Case

    An attorney will assess your damages and calculate the potential worth of your case, which is critical for effective settlement negotiations.  

    Handling all Legal Aspects

    Our child sex abuse attorneys can file the necessary legal documents and negotiate with the at-fault party and their attorney. They can collect and examine the necessary evidence to build a case against the perpetrator. At trial, your lawyer will present your case strongly and protect your child from any attempts to discredit their testimony or trivialize the abuse.

    Moral Support

    Litigating a sexual abuse case can be deeply upsetting for the victim and their family, especially when it comes to a trial. Having a compassionate and seasoned lawyer by your side can provide you and your family with a strong shoulder to lean on during this challenging time. Our lawyers can protect your child’s rights, fiercely fight for what you deserve, and defend your best interests at all times.

  • How Much Time Do I Have for Filing a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

    Two separate statutes of limitations, both a civil and criminal statute, determine the timing for sexual abuse lawsuits in Florida. The civil statute determines how long a person has to file if they seek compensation for damages and harm caused by the abuse. The criminal statute provides the timeframe for a prosecutor to file criminal charges against the perpetrator.

    The Statute of Limitations for Civil Lawsuits

    Some years ago, Florida eliminated the statute of limitations for civil sexual abuse claims for minors. Now, childhood sexual abuse victims who were under 16 at the time of the abuse can generally file a claim at any time. More recently, in 2020, “Donna’s Law” was passed, removing the statute of limitations for victims aged 18 and under at the time of the abuse. Therefore, in some abuse cases, survivors can seek justice and compensation no matter how much time has passed. 

    However, knowing how much time you have to file a sexual abuse lawsuit can be confusing, as this depends on various factors, including the age of the victim and the type of sexual abuse that occurred. Always consult with an attorney to ensure you are not running out of time to pursue damages.

  • What if the Abuse Happened Years Ago?

    If your child sex abuse occurred many years ago, whether or not to come forward can be an agonizing decision. However, even if you do not have any evidence or witnesses, you could still succeed in getting justice and holding an abuser accountable. These days, the courts recognize that victims may have little evidence to prove abuse that happened some time ago, except for their own words and memories. 

    When tangible evidence is lacking, judges assess the credibility of victims’ testimony. Moreover, perpetrators may discredit their own testimony by contradicting themselves in court or changing their story repeatedly. In some cases, other victims come forward if they hear about a court case. 

    However, having an experienced and skilled attorney in your corner can be critical, as child sex abuse that happened years ago can be challenging to litigate. An attorney from Morgan & Morgan can assess your case, help you get clear on your options, and move forward with legal action.

  • Can I Afford a Child Sex Abuse Lawyer in Big Pine Key?

    When it comes to something as egregious as child sex abuse, an attorney’s fee should never prevent survivors or parents of abused children from looking for justice. At Morgan & Morgan, we do not charge you a dime when we take your case. 

    Unlike some other law firms, you pay nothing out of your own pocket. We get paid only if and when we win and recover for you.

  • Our Child Sex Abuse Lawyers Are Ready to Fight for You

    If you are looking to find a child sex abuse attorney in Big Pine Key, FL, you are in good hands with Morgan & Morgan. As the largest personal injury firm in America, we have an army of qualified attorneys, investigators, and legal team members eager to fight for victims of childhood sex abuse, helping them recover the financial compensation they deserve. 

    You or your child deserve to move on with your life with the financial means to obtain the best medical and psychological help available, looking ahead to a bright future. Our attorneys can handle your case with the sensitivity and compassion you deserve while fighting tooth and nail to hold an abuser accountable for their egregious actions. Contact us now for a free and confidential case review.

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