Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?

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Car Insurance Attorney in Big Pine Key, FL

A serious car accident can feel like the worst moment of your life. Your car is destroyed, and you are wracked with pain. The one redeeming factor is knowing that your car insurance is paid and your expenses will be covered. That is when a claim denial can make a bad moment even worse.

You paid your premiums diligently for years. After the accident, you filled out all of the paperwork and jumped through all of the hoops. You were relying on that money, and you deserve it. And now, with nowhere else to turn, you are asking yourself, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?”

Look no further than the law offices of Morgan & Morgan. Our experienced legal team will fight the insurance companies to get you the compensation that you are owed. Use our online form today to get started with a free case evaluation.

How Car Insurance Is Supposed to Work in Florida

Car insurance is relatively simple. As long as you pay your premiums on time, your insurance company pays your expenses resulting from a car accident.

Bureaucracy aside, the process is supposed to be simple and relatively quick. You file your claim and provide your insurance company with documents that show how much money the accident cost you. Assuming you have the correct type of insurance, your insurance company is supposed to pay for:

  • Injuries to you and other passengers
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Non-vehicular property damage
  • Additional long-term medical expenses

Whether you are at fault for the accident, your insurance company should pay for all expenses that fall under your coverage. The only reason you should be denied compensation is if you didn’t pay for a certain type of plan or have reached the limit of your insurance.

How Car Insurance Often Works in Reality

There is a reason why so many people ask, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?” Insurance companies, as a rule, do everything they can to avoid paying claims. And if an insurance company refuses to pay your claim, hiring a car insurance lawyer is pretty much the only way you will get fair compensation.

After you have filed your initial claim with your insurance company, the first thing they will do is send a claim investigator to determine the details of your auto accident. 

Theoretically, this investigator is supposed to determine the value of any damage to your vehicle and fault for the accident. In reality, though, the investigator is trying to minimize the value you can claim for any damage rather than determine the actual value of the damage.

In Florida, fault determination is less meaningful than in most other states. Despite this, the investigator will be trying to make a fault determination that minimizes the money the insurance company has to pay.

After the investigation is complete, your insurance company will usually offer to pay a portion of your actual expenses. And that is pretty much the best-case scenario. In a worst-case scenario, your insurance company will use the information the investigator obtained to deny your claim and pay nothing.

A similar process will happen when you try to make claims for injuries. Insurance companies will usually insist on a second opinion and will limit the doctors who can provide that second opinion. 

These doctors have close relationships with the insurance company and are more likely to give opinions favorable to the insurance company's bottom line. Just as before, this results in you receiving less money than you need to cover your expenses.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Is The Role of a Car Insurance Attorney?

    Technically, every insurance company has an appeal process. However, it is usually even more difficult to navigate than the initial claim process. And since the insurance company has full control over the process, it rarely comes out in your favor. 

    If you want to successfully fight an insurance company, you need the assistance of a car insurance attorney.

    Car insurance attorneys are familiar with the various dispute processes and will simplify an otherwise complicated process. They also know what type of evidence is likely to result in a car insurance company overturning a bad decision. 

    The dispute process is different for every insurance company, but an experienced car insurance lawyer can navigate the process regardless of what is required.

    Negotiating Fair Compensation

    With the right evidence, your lawyer can negotiate appropriate compensation quickly and easily. Simply hiring a lawyer is often enough to loosen the purse strings of the insurance company. If your insurance company believes you have a reasonable chance of success in court, it is likely to pay full compensation just to avoid court costs.


    Many insurance companies require you to engage in arbitration when you have a dispute. The arbitration process allows a presumably neutral party to resolve the dispute for you. You may have a lawyer present during arbitration, and car insurance lawyers are experienced with the arbitration process.

    Even if your insurance company doesn’t require arbitration, this may be an option you want to pursue. Arbitration is usually less expensive and faster than a trial. With an attorney advocating for you, arbitration is likely to come out in your favor.

    Jury Trial

    A trial is always the option of last resort. Trials can take years to complete and are usually quite expensive. However, if your insurance company refuses to treat you fairly, this may be your only choice.

    If you are forced to take your insurance company to court, this is where you need to know, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?” 

    An experienced attorney will ensure that you have filed all of the appropriate paperwork with the court, respond promptly to requests from opposing counsel, and litigate your case in the courtroom. The better your attorney, the more money you are likely to win.

  • Can I Sue My Insurance Company in Florida?

    The relationship you have with your insurance company is defined by a contract. When your insurance refuses your claim or pays you less than you are owed, it violates the terms of that contract. One of the main purposes of civil courts is to enforce the terms of a fair contract by all parties.

  • When Should I Hire a Car Insurance Lawyer?

    Many of our clients only reach out to a lawyer after their insurance claim has been denied. And while this is understandable, it gives an advantage to your insurance company that is difficult to overcome.

    The best time for you to ask, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?” is immediately after your car accident. Don’t wait for your insurance company to deny your claim or make a lowball offer. Speak with an attorney before you do anything else, and let their experience guide you through the entire claims process.

  • Can My Insurance Company Delay the Claims Process?

    Some reasonable delays are inevitable in the claims process. But if your insurance company is dragging it out simply to get you to agree to a lowball settlement, it is breaking the law. 

    Unfortunately, this is common behavior. A car insurance attorney in Big Pine Key will significantly decrease the likelihood that your insurance company will try to draw out the claims process illegally.

  • How Much Will a Car Insurance Attorney in Big Pine Key Cost?

    Would you believe that your car insurance attorney will be free? Well, not exactly free, but effectively free.

    Morgan & Morgan lawyers take car insurance cases on contingency. This means that we only get paid if we can obtain money for you. Furthermore, our fee is a percentage of your award. 

    Since we only take a portion of your compensation, you are effectively paying nothing because you would have received even less money without our services.

  • Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Big Pine Key, Florida?

    That depends entirely on what you are looking for in a lawyer. Are you looking for centuries of experience and an extensive record of success in getting fair compensation for clients? 

    Do you want a lawyer who has spent hundreds of hours in a courtroom and isn’t afraid to go to trial to get the results you deserve? Perhaps you want an attorney that knows how to negotiate fast and fair results while minimizing costs.

    If any of those criteria define what you want in a lawyer, then Morgan & Morgan is the law firm you are looking for. We are experienced attorneys that are adept at handling all aspects of car insurance claims and car insurance lawsuits. We’ll get you the money you deserve.

  • What to Expect With a Car Insurance Attorney Advocating for You

    Assuming you retain your attorney immediately after your accident, the first thing your attorney will do is tell you who you should and shouldn’t speak to. Speaking to the wrong person or saying the wrong thing can significantly harm your case. 

    This advice will generally amount to saying as little publicly as possible and only speaking to authorities or interested parties through your lawyer.

    After that, your lawyer will investigate on their own and collect evidence to support your case. The more evidence your lawyer has, the more likely you can quickly get a fair settlement from your insurance company.

    Serious negotiations begin at that point. Your attorney will do most of the work while keeping you fully advised. The best-case scenario is that your attorney gets a fair offer from the insurance company that you accept. If not, you are dealing with arbitration at best and a trial at worst.

    The whole process should take a few weeks or months if your insurance company settles. It will likely take at least a year otherwise.

    Retain an Insurance Company You Can Trust

    Don’t let your insurance company pay you one cent less than you deserve. If you need a car insurance company in Big Pine Key, Florida, contact Morgan & Morgan for a free consultation today.

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