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Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

Morgan & Morgan handles the most employment litigation cases in the entire country, including those involving wage theft, discrimination and harassment, employee misclassification, denial of leave, defamation of character, and more.

The workplace should be a safe place for employers and employees alike, but unfortunately, some workers are subject to unfair and illegal conditions by unscrupulous employers who opt to mistreat and take advantage of their employees.

These workers may not know what their rights in the workplace, or may be afraid of speaking out against their employer in fear of retaliation. These labor violations can lead to lost wages and benefits, missed opportunities in the workplace, and undue stress.

Unfair or discriminatory labor practices against employees can occur in a variety of ways, including failure to hire, denial of equal pay for equal work, on-the-job harassment, inappropriate sexual jokes or touching, wrongful discharge, defamation of character, unpaid wages or overtime, denial of leave, and employer retaliation.

That’s why our labor and employment attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are dedicated to handling a variety of civil litigation cases involving discrimination and unfair labor practices against employees.

Our lawyers possess the proper knowledge, dedication, and experience needed to represent employees in a wide variety of labor disputes, as well as personal injury cases such as car accidents, medical malpractice, and more. In fact, Morgan & Morgan’s Labor & Employment group has been recognized for handling the most labor and employment cases among plaintiffs’ firms over the past five years — almost twice as many suits as other firms.

Our attorneys may be able to help you, as well. If you suspect that you may have a potential labor or employment case, contact us by completing our free case evaluation form.

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