Jet Ski Accidents

Riding jet skis and other personal watercraft can be dangerous whether you are in salt water or fresh water. Circumstances ranging from unexpected bad weather to the negligence of others to lack of knowledge and training could cause someone to have a jet ski accident. In most cases, people rent the vehicles from establishments on the lake or beach. The employees often give you very little training, and if you’re not experienced enough on a jet ski or it’s your first time out on one, that could be a recipe for disaster.

Jet Ski Accidents

No matter how experienced you are at riding personal watercraft, you should always wear a life jacket. If an accident leaves you unable to swim, it could save your life. Types of mishaps include:

  • Being hit by someone speeding
  • Being hit by someone not looking where they’re going
  • Being knocked off by a large wake
  • Not knowing how to properly operate the craft
  • Not knowing how to read sea and lake conditions, especially when a surprise storm hits
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating the jet ski
  • Getting hit by a rogue wave
  • Grounding the jet ski on a sandbar or the beach
  • Negligent supervision
  • Being hit by someone else on a personal watercraft or boat who is intoxicated
  • Not knowing and/or following boating and safety laws

Because you are riding close to the water on a personal watercraft, the risk of injury or death is higher than if you were in a boat.

Compensation for Injuries

If you are hurt in a boating or jet ski accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Depending on the circumstances, you could be entitled to:

  • Repayment of medical costs associated with your injuries
  • Future medical costs for any ongoing medical treatments such as additional surgeries, therapy and follow-up doctors’ appointments
  • Lost wages for the time you were not able to work because of your injuries
  • Future lost wages for the time you are not able to return to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship if you are not able to do the things you normally would with your family
  • Loss of consortium if you are not able to have a sexual relationship with your spouse
  • Reimbursement for damage to personal property for repairs or replacement
  • Punitive damages

Noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering are available only if your injuries are long-term or if you lost a loved one in a jet ski accident. Punitive damages are awarded only if the defendant caused your injuries because of gross negligence or their actions were intentional with the intent to harm you.

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