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Condo Owners Insurance Claim

At Morgan & Morgan, we represent both individual condo owners and condo associations throughout the country for insurance claims. Condo owners and condo associations face unique problems. There are typically two insurance policies at play when there is damage to a condo. The individual condo owner has a policy that covers from “the paint in,” and the contents of the condo, while the condo association covers the “common elements,” such as the roof, drywall, and structural elements. Many times there is also a flood policy that applies to some of the loss.

Whether you are struggling with an insurance company that is denying, delaying, or underpaying your claim, we can help. At Morgan & Morgan we have handled hundreds of condo owner’s claims involving damage. Many condo owners’ claims involve much more than just wind damage. Hurricanes and other storm events can cause not only structural damage to the roof and home, but also water damage to the interior and contents. Water damage often leads to mold damage.

The typical condo owner’s insurance policy covers the inside of the condo and damage to the contents in the condo. Most policies also provide coverage for “additional living expenses” while the condo owner is out of the unit. These additional living expenses pay for a hotel or a rental home while the damaged property is being repaired.

If you have questions about whether your insurance company is treating you fairly regarding your insurance claim you should feel free to contact us. Our initial consultations are always free of charge, and if your case is successful, often the insurance company will be forced to pay all of our fees and costs.

If you have questions regarding your claim, please call toll free from any cell phone at #LAW or call 877-633-8213 for a free consultation, or submit the free case evaluation form. With offices across the country, our attorneys represent condo owners just about anywhere.

Remember, there are never any fees or costs unless we win for you. 


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