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Signs Your Cast Iron Pipes Are Failing

Many houses built prior to 1975 contain cast iron pipes that are nearing the end of their 25-to-50-year lifespans. When these pipes fail, they can cause extensive water damage, lower a property’s market value, and pollute local aquifers. Some of the signs of failure include leaks, foul smells, water stains, and backups, but these are just a few of the many symptoms a homeowner may notice in these situations.

Keep reading to learn the telltale signs that your cast iron pipes are failing, and who you should talk to if they are.

Signs of Cast Iron Pipe Failure

If you notice any of the following red flags, your cast iron plumbing system may be failing:

  • Leaks or water damage
  • Foul smells (especially a “rotten egg” smell)
  • Water-stained carpet, rug, or mat
  • Cracked, raised, or loose floor tiles
  • Stained or discolored tile (or tile grout)
  • Slow drains or drain/toilet backups
  • Raw sewage coming out of drains
  • Water around floor drain in basement
  • Roach or rodent infestation

What to Do About Failing Cast Iron Pipes

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, you should call a licensed and bonded plumbing contractor. They can inspect the home to determine the source and extent of your problem.

You should also contact an attorney if you put in an insurance claim for broken pipes that was denied or underpaid, or if you suffered a piping-related loss for which you have not yet filed a claim. An insurance dispute attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and fight for the compensation you need to bounce back from cast iron pipe failure.

Oftentimes an insurance company refuses to pay water damage claims, or undervalues them. If your insurance company is reluctant to pay for your broken pipe claim, contact us for a free case review. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners recover the money they need to pay for the damages and repair their plumbing.

Let us handle the insurance company so you can focus on fixing your home and taking care of your family. It costs nothing upfront to hire us, and we only get paid if you win a jury award or settlement. Even then, your insurance company could be responsible for paying our legal fees.

With your family’s health and financial future at risk, you can’t afford to get bogged down in an insurance dispute. Contact us today.

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