Plant Explosion

If you or someone you love was involved in a plant or refinery explosion, you’re aware of the catastrophic and devastating effects they can have. Plant and refinery explosions impact the lives of workers and their families as well as the surrounding community. These explosions are often preventable, and even if the explosion wasn’t preventable, injuries and death are. If workers sustain injury or death, it’s because the factory did not provide enough protection for their workers, including skimping on safety measures and using outdated equipment. If you have been injured in a plant explosion, you should see your doctor as soon as possible and contact an attorney to hold the liable party responsible and see if you’re entitled to compensation. Fill out this form for a free case evaluation with Morgan & Morgan.

Blast Injuries to the Body

The initial blast could be strong enough to throw objects and people away from the explosion with force. Also, the blast of pressure could also enter bodily orifices. Most affected areas on the body include the lungs, ears, and the gastrointestinal organs because they are easily filled with air.

Secondary blast injuries are from objects flying or falling through the air. If they were to hit employees in the vicinity, they could cause significant impact damage to the body. In some cases, objects can become embedded in the body. Tertiary blast injuries are caused when a primary blast lifts a person up and pushes him or her into an object. The force of the body hitting a stationary object could cause internal organ injuries and/or fractures. Quaternary blast injuries could be from the inhalation of fumes, crush injuries, chemical burns, or loss of blood.

Blast Damage to Property

In addition to property inside the building, including the building itself, employees’ property may suffer from damage from the blast. If the blast is strong enough, objects could be hurled out of a door or window and could damage vehicles and other personal property.

Long-Term Injuries

Some injuries may not be seen, such as fractured bones and burns. In some cases, the injuries could be internal or psychological. Brain injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and other injuries may not be easily diagnosed. Victims of a plant explosion should get medical and emotional treatment even after visible wounds have healed.

Plant Explosion Deaths

If you lost a loved one because of an explosion at a plant, contact our plant explosions attorneys to discuss your case. We understand what you’re going through and will treat your case with the focus and compassion it deserves. You may be entitled to funeral costs, any medical costs that your loved one incurred prior to his or her death, loss of companionship, and loss of future income. If the explosion was caused by negligence, you may also be entitled to punitive damages.

Contact a Plant Explosion Lawyer

Our plant explosions attorneys will use experts to investigate your case with experts to determine the cause of the explosion and who is liable for damages. With Morgan & Morgan, you’ll get a full legal team to support you through these trying times and navigate your claim from start to finish. All law firms are not the same. When it comes to going up against businesses, size matters. With over 400 attorneys and 100,000 satisfied clients nationwide, Morgan & Morgan has the resources to ensure you’re getting the best service and results possible. We treat every client like family and treat their cases personally – schedule a free case evaluation and discover what Morgan & Morgan can do for you.

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