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Tesla Autopilot Failures

Tesla Autopilot Failures

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Tesla Autopilot Failures

On June 20, 2020, a 2017 Tesla Model S sedan on autopilot mode suddenly began to accelerate on its own as it headed toward a highway offramp. The vehicle then ran off the road and crashed into a tree. According to a lawsuit filed by the driver, the driver suffered catastrophic injuries, including shattered and fractured vertebrae and chest pain. Unfortunately, this accident case isn't an isolated incident regarding the Tesla vehicles' autopilot feature. According to other claims, many car crashes and "perhaps more than 20 deaths are attributable" to Tesla's autopilot system, noting several instances in which those Tesla drivers had been killed when the system was engaged.

Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident while driving a Tesla Model S sedan? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages. For more information on how our attorneys can help your case, please complete our free, no-obligation case evaluation form today.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Is the Tesla Autopilot Feature?

    Tesla Autopilot is what's known as an autonomous driver assistance system. In simpler terms, this feature allows a Tesla to 'see' other cars and roads in the surrounding area and drive itself to a limited degree. When this technology was introduced by Tesla, they alleged that the new autopilot system featured new and improved functionality that would make your Tesla safer and more capable over time. Tesla claims its software works with several cameras to analyze road conditions in real-time. While the autopilot uses the tech, it enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically within its lane. According to the company, they also claim that the autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous. 

    However, reports claim that the company has not provided an adequate warning for drivers that the system is, in fact, not entirely autonomous. A recent lawsuit against the company claims that the CEO, Elon Musk, has made several boastful claims over the autopilot's capabilities. One statement at a conference claimed that "with the hardware that is in Tesla today," complete autonomy could be accomplished with software improvements. The lawsuit also mentions that the Tesla autopilot system is a work in progress with a dangerous and even life-threatening history. 

  • Has My Tesla Been Affected?

    If you are an owner of a Tesla Model S sedan or any current model of a Tesla with the autopilot feature, you may be at risk. To learn more about if your Tesla autopilot feature may be defective, contact our defective product attorneys today. 

  • Can I Afford a Defective Products Attorney?

    At our law firm, we believe in treating our clients like family. That's why when you decide to hire one of our defective product attorneys to handle your accident case; you'll never pay a dime out of your pocket. All of our attorneys work on what is called a contingency fee—meaning that we only get paid if we win, and the fees only come out of your settlement or reward.

  • What Are My Next Steps?

    At Morgan & Morgan, we understand how intimidating going up against a major company like Tesla can seem—especially after you've been through a catastrophic accident. However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't fight for the justice you rightfully deserve. For over 30 years, our law firm has been helping victims of car accidents or car-related injuries get the compensation they need to get their lives back on track. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a faulty autopilot feature installed in their Tesla, we may be able to help. 

    To learn more information about your case, don't hesitate to get in touch with our law firm by filling out our free, no-obligation case evaluation form today, and one of our team members will be in touch.

  • Are There Other Ways That Tesla Autopilot Is Failing?

    Yes. One significant problem that has been in the news since 2021 is that Tesla Autopilot is engaging in “phantom braking” in many vehicles. This means that the autopilot system is braking without any apparent cause.

    When this happens, it can cause passengers in the car to experience whiplash or lead to accidents when a car behind the Tesla is unable to brake in time.

  • Should I Join the Class Action Lawsuit Over the Phantom Braking Problem?

    It’s always tricky to determine whether you should join a class action lawsuit or take independent civil action against a corporation.

    If you’ve been seriously injured due to a Tesla Autopilot phantom braking incident, you’re probably better off filing an independent lawsuit. A class action lawsuit may not ensure you receive the compensation you need to deal with your injuries.

    A personal injury attorney from Morgan & Morgan can explain both of these options in greater detail and help you make an informed decision during your initial consultation and evaluation.

  • Can I File a Lawsuit Against Tesla if I Don’t Own the Tesla That Failed?

    If you were injured due to the failure of a Tesla Autopilot feature, it doesn’t matter whether you were driving the Tesla. Tesla is responsible for any injuries caused by a defective vehicle, provided that the vehicle was being operated properly by the owner.

  • What Is the Difference Between Tesla Autopilot and a Self-Driving Car?

    Tesla Autopilot is supposed to provide limited autonomous driving but only while monitored by an active driver. A self-driving car, by contrast, is designed to drive on its own without any supervision.

    Many people erroneously believe that Tesla Autopilot is a self-driving system. This misconception is due in part to questionable advertising by Tesla. In fact, some claims have been so misleading that Germany has banned certain Tesla advertisements relating to the Tesla Autopilot system.

  • Is It Legal to Drive Using Tesla Autopilot?

    As long as you’re actively monitoring the Tesla Autopilot system and staying aware of your surroundings, it’s completely legal to drive using Tesla Autopilot.

    This legality also affects your liability if you get into an accident while using Tesla Autopilot. If you were properly monitoring the auto-drive system and still ended up in an accident due to an unexpected defect, Tesla would be liable for the accident, not you.

  • If I Was Injured in an Accident Due to a Tesla Autopilot Failure, Should I Accept a Settlement From Tesla?

    Talk to one of the experienced attorneys on the Morgan and Morgan legal team before accepting any settlement offers.

    Large corporations often try to settle for trivial amounts of money just to get injured parties to sign non-disclosure agreements. An attorney from Morgan & Morgan will evaluate your injuries and the offer Tesla made and determine whether it’s a good deal.

    Typically, you should refuse the first offer and negotiate for something significantly higher. As long as you’re willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, your attorney will usually be able to get you more money in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Do I Have Any Chance to Win if My Case Goes to Trial?

    Just because Tesla has billions of dollars and high-priced corporate lawyers on their side, it doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to win in court. If you have a strong claim, the most that money and lawyers can do is delay the case. And when it comes to personal injury trials, most states have laws that limit how long the case can be delayed.

    But even more importantly, Morgan and Morgan have a long record of success in trials, even against large corporations.

    Our experienced attorneys know how to challenge large corporations and win at trial. We have offices in every state in the country, so we can fight your case no matter where the trial ends up being held. Based on our outstanding trial record, you should consider yourself to have the advantage if your Tesla Autopilot failure case goes to trial.

  • How Can a Morgan & Morgan Attorney Help?

    If your Tesla's autopilot features have failed you, know that you are not alone. After seeking treatment for your injuries, we urge that you get in contact with a Morgan & Morgan defective product attorney. When you hire one of our attorneys, they'll immediately get to work on your case. By working with experts and gathering necessary documentation like your medical records, police reports, insurance policy information, and medical bills, your legal team will stop at nothing to ensure you get the justice you deserve. Once they are ready, your legal team will try to negotiate with the defendant's legal team to try and settle your case outside of court. If negotiations are unsuccessful, your attorney will be prepared to represent your case inside the courtroom. 

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