We're Here For You | Attorney William Lewis


Find out how business litigation attorney William Lewis and his team are continuing the fight for their clients' commercial litigation cases. Whenever you need, wherever you are. We're here for you. #ForThePeople

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Speaker 1: People always need representation. And in our current situation, some need it more than ever. Today, we are checking in with Morgan & Morgan business litigation attorney William Lewis. Thanks for joining me today. What has changed for your team since COVID-19 hit the United States? William Lewis: I'd say the most significant change in COVID-19 is just the use of technology. We're very fortunate in our law firm that we have a tremendous infrastructure. We have the resources to work remotely. And what we've seen is we're able to continue to push our client's cases, move them forward, whether it be online hearings or mediations by video or depositions by video, we've really been able to keep this going and really drive our client's cases where I think some firms may not have those resources. And in our practice, we handle a lot of business disputes and unfortunately, folks are having a lot of contract claims, investment losses, work that they should have been paid for that they haven't been because maybe people are using COVID-19 as a reason not to abide by their contracts and to enforce their whatever agreements they had prior to this. And what we've done and what we always try to do is to be there during these sorts of times, and we never charge anyone for a consultation. We're always here to consult and let people know if we think they have a strong claim. And I think that's more important now than ever, because if you have a business that's been impacted by COVID, you can't simply afford to wait around and see what happens. You need to move on as quickly as possible. And that's what we continue to do both for people who want a consult about a potential case, but for our current clients, we're doing everything to keep their cases going. And we have been fortunate to have really great results, despite everything that's going on. And my advice to people is always the same. It's number one, stay safe. And number two, when it comes to legal issues that arise from this, don't sit out, don't wait on it. You don't know what's going to happen in a week, in a month these days. So get the consultation as soon as you can. Speaker 1: It's helpful to know that people have someone to turn to in times like these, even at a time like this. Thank you, William. In these uncertain times, the law firm you choose matters. Morgan & Morgan for the people.