Surgical Staplers: What’s the Risk? | Attorney Mike Morgan


Our attorneys are investigating claims that surgical staplers are causing serious injuries, life-changing complications, and even death.

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0:00: there are known incident rates of 0:02: failures with certain medical devices 0:04: and with medical tools that are used in 0:07: in every day surgeries it's an accepted 0:09: part of the medical community that there 0:12: will be certain products that don't work 0:14: the way they're supposed to the chance 0:17: of it a product causing an injury is 0:20: normally you know minut and the reason 0:22: it is so small is because there are 0:25: required reporting systems recently what 0:28: we've noticed is the surgical stapler 0:30: and they are used a lot within abdominal 0:33: surgeries where we're dealing with 0:35: gastric the intestines or something of 0:37: that nature and in order to close up the 0:40: procedure they've been using these 0:42: staplers it allows you to staple 0:44: everything up without having to go in 0:46: and do all the stitches and much quicker 0:47: leads to less blood loss all of that 0:50: it's good however what has recently been 0:52: discovered is that there was this secret 0:55: database where the information was 0:58: reported by the doctors that were using 1:00: it and it never made it to the sources 1:02: that are supposed to keep track of the 1:04: national data we're talking about people 1:06: that went in for a simple routine 1:08: operation and come out and have a 1:10: colostomy bag for the rest of their life 1:13: we're talking about people who have 1:14: severe internal bleeding that leads to 1:17: lifelong problems these are not just 1:19: minor cosmetic issues they were problems 1:21: that should have been completely avoided 1:23: because they were reported properly by 1:25: the doctors and then this information 1:27: was hidden from the regulator's who 1:30: would have made immediate action and the 1:32: way that we know they would have made 1:33: such immediate action is as recently the 1:35: FDA released a report that you can go 1:38: online and see talking about the dangers 1:41: and the adverse events of these staplers