Justice For Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse | Attorney Mike Morgan


When an organization fails to prevent its members from abusing children, the survivors of this abuse may be able to hold the organization accountable through legal action

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0:00 recently New York enacted a statute 0:01 which gave a year for individuals who 0:05 were the victims of sexual abuse to file 0:08 their claims it had been up until this 0:10 time time barred by what's called the 0:12 statute of limitations a fancy word of 0:14 saying how long you have to bring a 0:16 lawsuit 0:16 it's called retroactivity of the statute 0:18 but essentially says we're going to 0:21 allow it for everyone not just people 0:22 going forward that's a big step in a 0:25 statute of limitations normally if there 0:28 is a change they're gonna say this 0:30 affects people going forward but we're 0:31 not going to go back and open Pandora's 0:33 box to what may have been there many 0:35 states are starting to follow the path 0:36 of New York to take proactive steps to 0:39 say people that perpetrate these crimes 0:41 on children they shouldn't get a free 0:43 pass because someone doesn't want to 0:45 talk about it when they're 19 or 21 and 0:47 so what these laws have done in New York 0:49 is they've extended the time for them to 0:51 bring a suit from whenever it happens 0:53 till the day they turn 55 they have the 0:55 right to bring a case against the 0:58 perpetrator both civilly and criminally 1:00 for these type of cases where the 1:03 conduct is so reprehensible I mean we're 1:05 talking about priests doctors camp 1:06 counts or Boy Scout leaders coaches 1:09 people that are supposed to be the 1:11 pillars of our community and have been 1:13 able to escape justice and they've been 1:16 able to escape criminal penalties 1:19 because the time ran out and as we start 1:21 to get more progressive and states start 1:24 coming on board with granting a couple 1:27 years of reprieve 1:28 it's important to take action not just 1:30 for yourself not just for compensation 1:32 but as we move forward and and with my 1:35 kids it's gonna be see something say 1:37 something we're going to know that there 1:40 is going to be accountability that 1:41 you're going to be brought to justice 1:43 then it's no longer a place that 1:45 pedophiles can escape prosecution only 1:48 because they're not worried about their 1:50 victims telling on them or if they are 1:52 worried about their victims they're not 1:53 worried about anybody believing them 1:55 those days are over a scare tactic that 1:57 they're now trying to use is threatened 1:59 to file bankruptcy and I think that when 2:01 we hear them say bankruptcy we go okay 2:03 well then I guess that means there's 2:05 nothing we can 2:06 that's not true even if they do file 2:09 bankruptcy there still could be monetary 2:11 compensation for all the victims that 2:14 were abused but also there is truly a 2:18 greater good that can be done by coming 2:21 forward and taking a stand and saying 2:23 that we're not going to take this and 2:24 saying that we're going to protect our 2:26 kids and that we're going to make our 2:27 future better than ours