Insurance Recovery Group Referral Video


Attorney Mark Nation heads our national Insurance Recovery Group practice area. The Insurance Recovery Group represents individuals as well as small and large businesses in disputes with their own insurance companies.

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Hey, this is Mark Nation and I am the head of the Insurance Recovery Group for Morgan & Morgan. In the Insurance Recovery Group, we do work on behalf of policyholders. And I've got 54 lawyers in 13 different states helping policyholders. And that's in claims involving health insurance, life insurance, disability, ERISA, accidental death insurance, homeowner's insurance, and business owners insurance. And if you've got a client or a potential client who has an insurance claim, whether the insurance company has said no is low or slow that is a great case for me to take a look at, and if the insurance company is doing the right thing, then we'll let you know that. And if they're not, we will let you know that and what we can do to help. Over the past 30 years I've had the great fortune of helping thousands of policyholders in claims against their own insurance companies. I'm double board certified. Board certified in civil trial law and in business litigation. And throughout my 30 year practice, I've just, daily, time and again, going through the grind of going through insurance policies with my clients and love doing it, but I know it's a hassle for you and so if you have a situation where somebody comes in and has an insurance claim, I'd love to talk to them. So, we pay referral fees and if I can help, just let me know. Appreciate it. Thanks for listening and watching and take care. Bye-bye.