#ForTheFamily: Happy Holidays from Morgan & Morgan


As 2018 comes to close, employees from our offices all over the country reflect on what working at Morgan & Morgan means to them.  Happy Holidays from our family to yours! #ForTheFamily

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Speaker 1: Morgan and Morgan is family because family pitches in and fights battles together. Speaker 2: We have changed lives one day at a time. Speaker 3: I've only been with Morgan and Morgan a short time, but I've already made lifelong friendships with some of my coworkers. They're crazy at sometimes, but there my people and my people are for the people. Speaker 4: The Morgan feels like family to me because it respects and embraces each and everyone's individuality as it does for the people. Speaker 5: You can count on Morgan and Morgan making this world a better place by being for the people. Speaker 6: Our family here at Morgan and Morgan fights every day for the people. Speaker 7: I love this firm because that's what we're about. Loving our clients as brothers and sisters, no matter who you are or where you're from. Speaker 8: I really appreciate all the opportunities that Morgan and Morgan has given me. Speaker 9: What does daddy do for work? Speaker 10: Helping other people. Speaker 11: I love that we stick it to the man. Speaker 12: I like that we stick up for the little guy. Speaker 13: When you're working toward a common goal, you just become a family working to serve the people for the people. Speaker 14: To me, a family is everything here at Morgan and Morgan. You can see it. You can feel it. Whether it's our support staff, our intakes, our team needs, it's everywhere. Speaker 15: It's a very encouraging environment that embraces differences. And it's very comforting to know that there's a strong sense of camaraderie, support and solidarity within our team. Speaker 16: For the people. It's not just a marketing point. Speaker 17: It's ingrained in our company and it's who we are. Speaker 18: We are for the people, for the clients, for the employees and for the community. Speaker 19: And for the dogs. Speaker 20: The camaraderie between the lawyers and the staff is amazing. And we get to really change people's lives. I get the chance of helping people all over.