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After serving our country for more than a decade, the VA repeatedly denied Lafayette the medical care he needed and deserved. Then he called us. Having to take on both the insurance companies and the law to get what you deserve can be extremely intimidating. ⁣ ⁣ You don’t have to go through this alone.

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I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1987. Throughout my course, I ended up doing 12 years in the armed forces. During that time, I developed PTSD through my service in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Right before I got out, we had an operation up in Eglin Air Force Base. It was a joint surface operation, all four branches of service, and we'd been having drills every night with Scud missile alerts. All of a sudden, we hear a big boom. So everybody started scurrying, grabbing whatever they can and trying to hurry up and get in the bunker. Come to find out, that Scud missile had just burst over our compound. A couple of years later, I talked to somebody else, and they said, "You have PTSD?" I say, "Yeah." "You have filed a claim for it?" I say, "No." They said, Well, you need to look into it. So I went to the VA, and I talked to them, and they kept denying my claim, kept denying my claim, and because I got upset after the third denial, I said, When I joined the military, it was no problem. You asked me to go to war, it was no problem. I suffered a mental illness, no problem. As soon as I want to get paid for it now, there's a problem. I didn't go after the VA because I wanted money, but I wanted them to take some type of responsibility and ownership for my mental condition. I'm really grateful that Morgan & Morgan was there to help me because these guys did what I couldn't do on my own. You know, I tried 3 times, and they were able to successfully come to my aid. And I would recommend them 10 times over to any veteran that's looking for help with your VA claim or VA appeal. Look for Morgan & Morgan first because they are the ones that will get the job done for you. Before I got with Morgan & Morgan, my disability rating through the VA was 20%. With the help of Morgan & Morgan, my disability rating now is up to 80%. I couldn't have done that without Morgan & Morgan. You hear the phrase Morgan & Morgan say, "For The People," they are for the people because they were there for me.