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Hartford Life Insurance Policy

Hartford Life Insurance Policy

If you purchased this policy, our class action attorneys would like to hear from you today to discuss your potential legal rights. Contact us today by completing our free, no obligation case review form.

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are investigating potential claims on behalf of consumers who purchased the Hartford Stag Variable Life Last Survivor II policy. We believe that this coverage contains hidden cost components which make the policy significantly expensive for consumers.

Details of the Policy

Hartford designed the Stag Variable Life Last Survivor II policy with a variable death benefit guarantee. Most variable policies include a death benefit guarantee or a no-lapse guarantee. The typical guaranteed amount is equal to the full face amount of the policy. The design of the Stag VLLS purports to allow the insured to set the guarantee amount to zero or any part of the face amount between 20% and 100%. Hartford describes this feature of the Stag VLLS as unique in the marketplace.

What are the Hidden Cost Components?

Allegedly, Hartford designed the Stag VLLS so that there are significant costs associated with the variable death benefit guarantee. The amount of the death benefit guarantee is believed to set a mortality and expense charge in the policy; the surrender charges associated with the policy; and the agent or broker’s compensation. Our attorneys believe that the connection between the amount of the death benefit guarantee and the charges in the policy are not explained in the policy, the prospectus, or sales illustrations. Furthermore, it is our belief that there is no place on the policy application where the insured can elect a death benefit guarantee amount.

The software which generates sales illustrations automatically uses the total first-year premium to calculate the maximum amount of death benefit guarantee that premium will purchase. This makes the entire first-year premium fully commissionable. If an insured could select a zero death benefit guarantee amount, the agent would not receive any compensation. When a death benefit guarantee amount becomes part of the policy, it results in high policy charges that the insured is obligated to pay for 10 years, according to our attorneys.

Have You Purchased this Policy?

If you purchased a Hartford life insurance policy, our insurance attorneys would like to discuss your policy to determine whether you are being unfairly charged.

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