Jan 1, 2024

Why Is Cast Iron Pipes Damage Covered? 

cast iron pipes

If you’re one of the many homeowners in the U.S. with homes built before 1975, you likely have cast iron pipe plumbing systems that are prematurely failing due to corrosion.

And, you may be thinking: “Why would my cast iron pipe plumbing system be covered under my insurance plan, after all, things wear out all the time?”

Things may wear out all the time — but, in this instance, you’re actually paying insurance premiums for your bad pipes.

Phil Sanov, a trial lawyer with Morgan & Morgan’s Insurance Recovery Group, has been helping policyholders recover all they deserve within their insurance claim process for years. Which means, he also has years of experience reviewing insurance policies.

"The insurance applications I see say that you get a discount if you’re home or business is less than 8 years old or if you’ve had a complete remodel - including the plumbing system within the last eight years,” Sanov explained

This means, essentially, homeowners with older homes are paying a premium because of the likelihood and risk that the old pipes will need to be replaced. Thus, your old pipes should be covered under your insurance policy — despite what your insurance company may tell you

Insurance companies are known to make it difficult for homeowners struggling with bad cast iron pipes to get the compensation they need to replace the pipes and repair the damage done to their property. Often, they will wrongfully deny or underpay claims, blaming the damage caused by the cast iron pipes on common “wear and tear.”

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