Mar 11, 2024

Who Is to Blame for Construction Accidents?

Construction Workers
Construction accidents occur for a variety of reasons: through negligence, user error, improper 
safety precautions, and equipment failure, to name a few. Such mishaps can take a variety of 
forms, from falling to being struck by an object to being electrocuted. Construction injuries can 
be severe, expensive, and life-changing. Assessing who is at fault in these situations can be 
complicated, so getting a workplace injury attorney in your corner is a wise move if you’ve 
sustained trauma at a construction site. 

Who Is to Blame for Construction Accidents? 

Most construction accidents are preventable. They can be due to lack of proper oversight, 
disregard for required safety precautions, equipment failures, and so much more. In the pursuit 
of cost-cutting, some contractors and rental companies allow their equipment to get worn and 
run down, forgoing proper maintenance. Other contractors may insist workers do their jobs in a 
quicker and less safe manner than is prescribed. In legal cases involving construction accidents, 
employers, equipment manufacturers, and other contracting companies will often blame you for 
negligence, even when their unsafe working conditions are at fault. 

The Turner Case 

In 2013, Aldace Turner, a construction worker, and his wife, Suzie, came to Morgan & Morgan 
after Aldace fell down improperly installed stairs at his job site. The resulting life-altering injuries, 
including a herniated disc in his back, left him unable to work and with $50,000 in medical bills. 
Because his injuries made him unfit for employment, his wife took on additional hours at work, 
including night shifts, to make up for her husband’s lost income. The defendant’s insurance 
company offered the family just $5,000 — nowhere near enough to cover the massive expenses 
incurred by the construction worker. 
Morgan & Morgan fought back, taking the case to trial. We sued Piney Branch Motors, which 
was doing business as Allied Trailers, as well as Manhattan Kraft Construction, Old Republic 
General Insurance, and Starr Indemnity and Liability. Throughout the course of the case, we 
demonstrated that Allied Trailers had improperly installed aluminum stairs connected to one of 
its trailers. The stairs shook even when used properly, and the company failed to inspect or 
correct the stairs. We also filed a complaint on behalf of Suzie for the devastating impact the 
injury had on her relationship with her husband. 
Allied Trailers and its co-defendants fought back hard, dragging out the case for five years. 
Morgan & Morgan didn’t give up, and a jury found Allied Trailers guilty of neglect, awarding our 
clients $3.85 million to cover their expenses and a lifetime of lost earnings. “After watching over 
the last several years how the negligence of the defendant completely changed my clients’ lives — and seeing the frustration they felt when the defendant would not accept any responsibility — 
the validation of hearing a jury of their peers tell them they have been right all along was 
inspiring,” Morgan & Morgan attorney Donny Owens said. The Turners’ counsel went on to say: 
“For them to realize that they can now financially try to get their lives back to a place before 
everything was taken from them showed us how truly life-altering a verdict like this can be and 
why we need to keep fighting the bullies when no one else will.” 

How a Construction Accident Personal Injury Attorney Can Help 

Construction accidents can cause grave injuries, resulting in medical bills, lost wages, and — in 
the worst instances — funeral costs. Insurance companies routinely deny claims or offer lowball 
settlements when victims are at their most vulnerable. Hiring a Morgan & Morgan workplace 
injury lawyer will ensure you are in the best possible position to secure the compensation you 
deserve. We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay us nothing unless we 
win for you. Fill out a ​free case evaluation​ today.