Mar 22, 2024

Tim’s Impact: The Frontline for Justice

Tim’s Impact: The Frontline for Justice - Orlando Luncheon

Tim Morgan played an essential role in Morgan & Morgan’s stratospheric growth from the very beginning.

It was under Tim’s thoughtful leadership that our Case Control Center (CCC), the client relationship arm of our practice, was born. It has since grown to encompass a team of over 1,000 representatives across three locations. 

With the kind of empathy that comes from firsthand experience, Tim fostered a culture that places clients first. This ensures that every one of the three million phone calls we receive annually are answered by agents who are both compassionate listeners and fierce advocates. 

Our callers are often in crisis. They may be in pain, afraid, or simply overwhelmed. With this understanding, Tim instilled the team with a sense of urgency. We were trained to provide help immediately: to connect callers with the right people, answer every question, and assure them that they’re not alone on their path to recovery. 

Tim was the visionary who instituted not just a department, but a legacy of growth. His passion for advocacy combined with a knack for organizational structure led to the creation of entire processes and departments outside of the CCC. His work has been the springboard for many of the company’s core processes. These include the intake process that pairs each client with the right representation and the Client Experience Team that follows every caller beyond the CCC to ensure that they receive exceptional care throughout their journey.

Tim also debuted our referral and co-counsel program, which became a Morgan & Morgan staple offering. If we couldn’t help a caller, Tim would find a firm who could. 

Tim pushed us out of our comfort zones. We were expected to come in and give 100% to our clients every day, no matter what. His tenacity and no-nonsense approach were matched only by his warmth. He never missed an opportunity to chat with his staff or a client. Together, we celebrated milestones big and small. 

Tim was a living model of effective leadership. His extraordinary dedication and determination were combined with a down-to-earth humility. He would arrive in pressed suits and sit right in the middle of the floor. He didn’t have a fancy office or glass walls closing him off from his team. He didn’t have better technology or fancier phones than the rest of his staff. Tim’s disabilities required him to start his day earlier than most. Every day, his morning routine was a challenge. Yet, he never complained, and rarely missed a day of work. He was a daily reminder of why we do what we do and how to do it right.

While Tim retired in 2017, he left a lasting legacy in the generation of leaders he raised to carry on the good fight. 

As told by:
Joanne Vazquez, Director of Employee Success, CCC 
Gabriela Vera, Vendor Relations Manager, CCC