Mar 22, 2024

Tallahassee Makes Strides in Road Safety for 2016


Road safety in Florida is a big concern, but motorists in Tallahassee can rest easier thanks to some of the steps the city has taken this year to improve its roads. More work remains to be done, but 2016 is ending on a high note.

The city’s agencies had many early plans for construction this year for Tallahassee and the surrounding area, according to the Democrat. Many of these and more have come to fruition, and mean a smoother ride for you. Here are some of the city’s high-profile projects looking back, and a tally of what has improved or will improve soon.

Road Reconstruction Dominated the Year

One of the biggest projects the city undertook this year was the improvement of the intersection of Old Bainbridge and Pullen Road, where a roundabout was constructed along with several pedestrian safety measures, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. Traffic at the intersection often backed up, and the roundabout will allow drivers to continuously flow to their destinations more safely.

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Emphasis on safety was prominent in another project outside Lawton Chiles High School, where the Florida Department of Transportation installed several turn lanes and flashing lights to help keep students and drivers safe from car accidents during peak travel hours. FDOT was slated to complete the project before this winter, according to WCTV.

Other planned projects include work on North Monroe Street, which has a Spring 2017 completion date but hadn’t been started yet earlier this year, per WCTV. The project plans to add a pedestrian crossing, new signs, and touch up gutters and curbs. Another is taking place along Apalachee Parkway at night, where drivers will see improved shoulders, drainage, and sidewalks that conform to Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

But no look at construction in Tallahassee is complete without an update on the enduring Capital Circle Southwest project, part of the beltway around Tally composed of State Road 263 and Route 319. Construction is still nominally ongoing, and a quick November update by WXTL reveals FDOT shifted traffic again as recently as November.

Construction takes time, and some projects like the one on North Monroe Street have only just begun. Road construction can be dangerous to navigate not only for cars, but for cyclists and pedestrians as well. Fortunately the city has tried to tackle these problems as well, making it safer for everyone on the road.

Protected Bike Lane Network And Sidewalks Completed

The city’s protected bike lane network (PBL) has already garnered our attention, as well as the country’s.

The PBL project saw barriers, bike boxes, and several other safety features installed for bikers in much of the city this year. Pensacola Street and St. Augustine Street saw their PBLs expanded, completing the circuit between downtown and Florida State University. Several other shared lanes were added, improving safety and transportation for cyclists and motorists alike.

Cyclists weren’t the only non-motorists affected, with several sidewalk projects — like the large, ongoing one at Lake Ella, sandwiched between Monroe Street and Thomasville Road — giving pedestrians more access to the city. Many of the bigger revitalization projects, like on North Monroe and Apalachee Parkway, saw sidewalks prioritized along with roads.

All in all, 2016 was a promising year for Tally’s infrastructure. Several of the city’s most visible streets received facelifts, and the future looks bright.

Tallahassee Scores High, But More Can Be Done

Although Tallahassee has made big gains in maintaining or improving the quality and safety of many of its roads this year, driving can always be a challenge, especially considering some of the city’s more rambunctious] realities. Coupled with important road maintenance, navigation in Tally can be difficult.

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