Feb 28, 2024

Morgan & Morgan Celebrated All Things Miami at the Annual 305 Day

Morgan & Morgan Celebrated All Things Miami at the Annual 305 Day

What does 305 mean? For Miami residents, it represents community pride.

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Miami was also one of the first cities to be assigned an area code: 305. Miami natives have embraced those three numbers as part of their identity.

The 305 code is used throughout Miami to reference the city and its residents. One interesting way the numbers are used is during the annual event known as 305 Day.
305 Day is one part party, one part street fair, and one part charity. It is a family-friendly event where attendees dance, shop, eat, and mingle under the warm Florida sun. There are few better ways to enjoy an early spring weekend in Miami.

Morgan & Morgan’s First Time at 305 Day

This year, 305 Day was held on March 5, and Morgan & Morgan finally got a chance to enjoy the party. Five employees of Morgan & Morgan Abagodos jumped into a company RV and headed over to the event, laden with goodies to share with other attendees.

The team set up a table in front of the RV and handed out free swag and raffle tickets to everyone who visited. And there were a lot of visitors. More than 2,000 were people in attendance at the event, and we estimate that over half of them stopped by our table.

Our team members ensured that people who visited were amply rewarded. They distributed hundreds of backpacks and 1,000 cafecito cups and hand fans. The hand fans were particularly popular in the hot Florida sun.

By the end of the event, our table had been stripped bare. Our team members even scrounged in the RV for extra supplies and gave away whatever they found. But eventually, there was nothing left to give away.

Fun in the Sun

As much as we wanted to spread the word about our Miami injury law practice, no one wants to spend an entire day at a citywide party and do nothing but work. And we would never force our team members to spend an entire day watching other people have fun.

Attorney Tanner Kakey and staff members Amy Gallagher, Victor Moncada, Eric Rodriguez, and Rocio Chavez-Pinon took turns at the table, so they could spend the rest of their day exploring 305 Day and having fun. At various points in the day, each team member wandered around the event and experienced what it had to offer.

It was a fun day with tons of excitement. The following are just some of the events our team members enjoyed.

Break Dancing Exhibitions

If you have ever walked along the beach in Miami, you have likely seen people break dancing on sidewalks and in the streets. It is a common pastime in the 305, and it was on full display at this event.

Impromptu displays started up almost anywhere there was empty ground. And there were a few scheduled performances as well. Even if you didn’t know how to dance, if you wanted to join in, several people were willing to teach the basics.

Live Music

A wide variety of musicians from all around Miami performed on the 305 Day main stage throughout the event. No matter what type of music you enjoy, you could probably find a performance of it at some point. Various team members stopped by the stage to enjoy some good tunes between shifts.

Tastes of Miami

One of the best things about 305 Day was all the delicious food. There were plenty of tacos, burgers, and vegetarian-friendly meals to go around. Some vendors were also selling more unusual meals, and nearly everything had a touch of something that made it uniquely Miami.

Something to Take Home

Another part of the event that was fun for our team members was the hundreds of local vendors selling just about anything you could imagine. If you wanted to leave with a souvenir from the event, you could get t-shirts, art, pins, shoes, hats, and a whole lot more.

Even if you aren’t interested in all the entertainment and food at the event, 305 Day is effectively one of the best shopping opportunities of the year in Miami. It has more vendors than most malls have stores, and almost every vendor was offering discounts.


Local sports teams also came out to support 305 Day. Burnie from the Miami Heat and Sebastian the Ibis from the Miami Hurricanes were both in attendance. They could often be found walking around together, having fun with kids and adults alike.

If you have never seen either of these mascots in action, you’ve missed out. They are both engaging and fun-loving, and Burnie can do some pretty impressive gymnastics. Just meeting them was a thrill for most of the sports fans at the event.

Game Tables

Something you probably don’t see at other events like 305 Day is a collection of game tables. But in Miami, people like to have a good time in every way possible.
In one area, there were tables of people playing dominoes and other similar games. It was a good opportunity to hang out with friends, new or old, without getting overwhelmed by the heat of the midday sun.

Why We Joined This Event

Naturally, at Morgan and Morgan, we want anyone who has suffered a personal injury to get the help they need to recover quickly. But advertising our services was a secondary consideration on 305 Day.

The main reason we were at 305 Day was to get to know our neighbors better. The culture of Miami is amazing. And when you meet thousands of new people, you get a better feel for the neighborhood you are serving than you do by sitting in an office or a courthouse.

Throughout the day, our team members had hundreds of conversations with people who stopped by our table. Some discussions were about what we do and how we might be able to help. Other discussions were about good music, favorite movies, or what food vendor was the best.

Those latter conversations were as important—if not more important—than the former. They allowed us to get to know the people of Miami better. And we hope that they helped the people get to know our team members better as well. You can’t be a good lawyer if you aren’t trusted by your clients.

We had one other important reason for participating in 305 Day this year. The Miami event supports a charity known as the Chapman Partnership. This amazing organization provides funds and support for people suffering from homelessness.

Unfortunately, millions of people, including children, suffer homelessness in the U.S. The Chapman Partnership transforms the lives of homeless people in the community by providing them with opportunities. Since it was founded in 1995, it has helped over 100,000 people and at least 25,000 children.

Like in most major cities, homelessness is a serious problem in Miami. We were happy to do what we could to help combat this problem and hope that our donation to this charity will change the life of a child in need.

Successes All Around

Everyone won on 305 Day. Vendors from around the city made thousands of sales, artists got hundreds of new fans, the Chapman Partnership received thousands of dollars, and our law firm spoke with hundreds of potential new clients and made new friends. When everyone succeeds, it shows that an event was well planned.

Based on the success of this event, Morgan & Morgan Abogados intends to return in the future. It was so much fun, and the attendees loved the swag we were giving out. We don’t want to disappoint our new fans by not being around to give out equally amazing swag in the future.

How You Can Enjoy a Future 305 Day

305 Day is an annual event that has only gotten larger every year. If you are considering joining in on the fun next year, you’ll have to wait until March. But don’t worry, it isn’t going away any time soon.

But you can participate in more ways than just attending. If you own a business and want to set up a booth or table, event runners are always looking for more vendors. The sooner you contact them, the easier it will be to plan.

Similarly, if you are an artist, there are several opportunities for various types of performers. If you offer family-friendly performances, you can likely secure a spot at this event. It’s a great way to get the word out about your art and possibly pick up new fans or customers.

Finally, if you want to support Miami culture, community, or the Chapman Project, you can sponsor 305 Day. Sponsors, like Morgan & Morgan and many other local businesses, are what make the event possible and support the charity. We hope you’ll consider joining us in supporting one of the most impressive events in Miami.