Mar 15, 2024

Morgan & Morgan: The Best Personal Injury Law Firm in NYC

Morgan & Morgan: The Best Personal Injury Law Firm in NYC

Insider Monkey and Yahoo! Finance recently released their rankings of the top 20 personal injury law firms in the Big Apple, and at the top of that list, Morgan & Morgan is the best personal injury law firm in New York City.

“Morgan & Morgan has more than 30 years of experience as a personal injury law firm. With the highest number of Google Reviews, the firm’s presence extends beyond New York to many other states.”

In order to fight For the People and stand up against even the largest companies, size does matter. Morgan & Morgan is recognized for being the largest and having the resources and reputation necessary to get justice for personal injury victims.

Insider Monkey also went on to share an impressive recent victory.

“One of the firm’s important achievements includes securing a $40 million recovery for a client who suffered injuries from using a faulty product.”

We have a motto here at Morgan & Morgan, and it’s that every case counts. We take the injuries, damages, and suffering of our clients seriously, and no incident is too small for us to want to help. We understand that something as simple as a faulty product can leave someone devastated, and we want those victims to receive the compensation they need and deserve to move forward with their lives.

And while we love the recognition, we think that the real reason people see us as the best personal injury law firm in New York City is because we put people over profit and aim to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. Having started from an unfortunate personal injury lawsuit of our own family’s, we understand the hardship, challenges, and both physical and emotional toll these events can cause to someone and their loved ones, and we look forward to every opportunity to help.