Mar 20, 2024

Morgan and Morgan Recovers More than $849,000 in Four Verdicts in One Day

Morgan and Morgan Recovers More than $849,000 in Four Verdicts in One Day

The trial lawyers at Morgan and Morgan have recovered four jury verdicts in one day, with the total amount exceeding $849,000. The attorneys obtained the verdicts on February 16, 2011 on behalf of four separate clients. This is the second time in less than a year that the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan have recovered more than three verdicts in a single day. Previously, Morgan and Morgan obtained three verdicts totaling over $48 million on April 18, 2010.

The largest verdict, $402,506.95, was obtained by attorney Nick Panagakis on behalf of his client in a trip and fall lawsuit. The verdict was achieved on behalf of a 74-year-old client who was injured at a trailer park upon walking off the edge of a sidewalk due to defective lighting. The client suffered a segmental humeral fracture of the right dominant arm and had an open reduction internal fixation surgery.

The second verdict was recovered by Summet Kaul and Vilma Martinez of Morgan and Morgan’s Tampa office. The pair obtained a $280,700 verdict in a soft tissue case against Allstate. The client in the case sustained annular tears.

Greg Bosseler and Jason Gelinas, attorneys in Morgan and Morgan’s Fort Myers office, also obtained a substantial verdict on behalf of their client on February 16. In the lawsuit on behalf of a 47 year old male who suffered neck and shoulder injuries as a result of a 4-car accident on I-75 involving a dump truck , Mr. Bosseler and Mr. Gelinas recovered a $150,000 jury verdict.

The final verdict was sustained in a first party case against Nationwide, which was tried by attorneys Hans Kennon and Bill Finn. The case involved the theft of the plaintiff’s vehicle, which Nationwide claimed could not have been stolen, as the vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, could not be started without a factory key. To help seal a victory for Morgan and Morgan, the plaintiff’s expert hotwired and started the car without a factory key in the courthouse parking lot in less than three minutes. As a result, the verdict awarded $16,500 in actual cash value related to the theft and destruction of the plaintiff’s vehicle.

This result is just another indication of the trial prowess of the attorneys working with Morgan and Morgan. Congratulations to Mr. Panagakis, Mr. Kaul, Ms. Martinez, Mr. Bosseller, Mr. Gelinas, Mr. Kennon, and Mr. Finn for their hard work and dedication to representing the people of Florida.