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Morgan and Morgan Join in on the Fun at Monster Jam Pit Party

Morgan and Morgan Join in on the Fun at Monster Jam Pit Party

Some people may think that most lawyers are stuffy or humorless, but at Morgan and Morgan, we know how to have a good time. And for us, there are few better ways to spend a day than watching monster trucks race on a giant dirt track.

Recently, our Orlando, FL, team gathered for a day of races, play, and food at Camping World Stadium, host of the Monster Jam Pit Party. This was a weekend-long event devoted to monster trucks and the people who drive these beasts.

Due to a little luck and hard work from one of our attorneys, we were able to score a coveted title sponsorship for the Monster Jam Pit Party. This meant that we could set up a booth inside the pit area and give out swag to the participants.

But don’t think that our team was there only to advertise Morgan and Morgan. Attorneys work hard, and when they get a chance to relax, they take it. We had several volunteers who were willing to put in an hour or so to hand out swag so they could spend the rest of the time having fun with friends and family.

What It Means to Sponsor a Monster Jam Pit Party

While Monster Jam has come to Orlando, FL plenty of times before, this was our first chance to participate as anything other than spectators—and we weren’t sure what to expect.

We loaded up our RV—”Big Blue” as we like to call it—with lots of Morgan swag, intending to do our part to make the Monster Jam Pit Party a memorable event for everyone we met.

Once we were set up, we started to hand out swag as fast as we could. While the sunglasses and mini basketballs were grabbed quickly, neither kept up with our most popular item: with Halloween just around the corner, our Morgan and Morgan trick-or-treat bucket was a hit.

But we knew better than to give out tiny candy bars—or even worse, candy corn. Many of our attorneys have children and know what kids really want for Halloween, so we handed out 750 full-sized candy bars. The children’s faces lit up at the sight of these, and we couldn’t hand them out fast enough to keep up with the demand.

Sponsoring the Monster Jam Pit Party also meant that there was a monster truck stationed by our area with a Morgan and Morgan flag attached to the back. We were lucky enough to get the Zombie monster truck, driven by Bari Musawwir. He is an amazing driver and was nice enough to take pictures with our staff and their kids.

Finally, we were honored to meet dozens of past clients who came up to our booth just to thank us for our past service before moving on to enjoy the rest of the event.

Fun Away From the Booth

There was no way any of our team members were going to spend an entire day standing behind a table giving away swag. We were at the Monster Jam Pit Party to have a good time.

While wandering around the event, we saw tons of trucks and drivers. The drivers were often happy to tell us about their trucks and would usually pose for a picture if they had the time.

Drivers weren’t the only folks involved. There were also as many pit crews around the event as there were drivers. And when they weren’t busy, they were happy to talk about the mechanical elements of these monster trucks. It was a heck of a learning experience for anyone interested.

The event was also filled with booths where you could buy memorabilia and collect free swag. Our team members signed up for dozens of giveaways and were eventually loaded down with freebies. And that was before they opened up their wallets and purchased food, shirts, and other merchandise.

Overall, Morgan and Morgan's team members had a blast at the Monster Jam Pit Party, and we would love to sponsor this event again when it next returns to Orlando, FL. If you live in the area, we recommend the Pit Party as great fun for family members of all ages.