Mar 7, 2024

John Morgan Launches New Radio Ad in Support of Medical Marijuana

John Morgan Launches New Radio Ad in Support of Medical Marijuana - Medical Marijuana

Radio listeners throughout Florida will soon hear a new advertisement featuring attorney John Morgan in which he urges voters to support the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in the sunshine state.

Detailed in a blog post on United For Care’s official website, the 58-second clip, funded personally by Morgan, describes the dangers of “pill mills” throughout Florida who are willing to prescribe “dangerous narcotics like candy” to Florida’s seriously ill. The ad wraps up with Morgan inviting Florida voters to join his “Army of Angels” by emailing him directly to learn how they can help.    

The transcript of Morgan’s radio spot can be read below:

“I want to ask you to help tens of thousands of sick Floridians who desperately need your help. They are suffering with illnesses such as cancer, ALS, AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, debilitating injuries including paralysis, many terminal. I’m John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan. Pill mills are prescribing dangerous narcotics like candy. People get addicted, and many die. Medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones relief they need, helping with pain, appetite, seizures and spasms. Unfortunately, Tallahassee politicians refused to vote on the issue last session. They wouldn’t even hear testimony from patients and their families. Therefore, we will take this act of mercy to you, the people.  If you’re willing to join this Army of Angels, email me{:target="_blank"} for information on how you can help us get this on the ballot in 2014.We need you. Let’s do this for the people, for the really sick people. God bless you all.”

For more information and to view and sign the petition to add the vote to legalize medical marijuana to Florida’s 2014 general election ballot, please visit