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Everything You Need to Know About Recalls

Everything You Need to Know About Recalls

A product recall is a method of returning, exchanging, or replacing a defective or dangerous item. Recalls happen when a consumer, government watch group, or internal quality control team report issues with a product that could inconvenience, harm, or kill people.

Why do products get recalled? 

Products are recalled because an item either doesn’t work or poses a potential threat of injury, hazard, or even death to the consumer. Products identified as dangerous fall into hazard categories like choking, fire, electric shock, injury, or death. Recalls are important because they protect the consumer from potentially hazardous products.

What is the recall process?

When government organizations like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identify a product as hazardous or defective, they reach out to the manufacturer or producer responsible and ask for a recall. 

The manufacturer then has a choice to either ignore the recall or voluntarily recall a chain of products. If they ignore the recall, they may be liable to additional legal consequences. 

Once the product is recalled, organizations and manufacturers may create press releases and announcements about the recall, urging consumers to return, exchange or replace the recalled product.

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