Business Trial Group Attorneys Pull in $1.4 Million Jury Verdict

Following more than two years of litigation and a week-long trial, a jury in Hernando County handed down a $1,485,000 verdict to Advanced Pier Technology, LLC (APT) in a breach of contract lawsuit.

Represented by Business Trial Group attorney Damien Prosser, APT is a contracting company that specializes in sinkhole remediation, stabilization, and repairs to properties and businesses affected by sinkholes. After the verdict was delivered, Prosser stated, “today’s verdict was an important victory for a local family-owned business.”

According to the suit, APT entered into a contract with a homeowners association to conduct numerous fix-up projects on multiple condominium buildings. The homeowners association, the lawsuit claimed, failed to honor its contractual obligations, with APT contacting the Business Trial Group for help shortly thereafter. The jury ultimately awarded full damages to APT and entirely denied the counterclaims made against the company by the homeowners association.

“A trial by jury is often the only available avenue to justice for a client,” said Prosser, “and I am always grateful to the members of a jury for their time and service.”