Mar 8, 2024

A Timeline of Notable Recalls

notable recalls

Manufactured products. We use many of them every day, with hundreds of them in and around our homes. Products we trust — products we feel good about.

But what happens when one of them poses a life-threatening situation, sparks and sputters, catches fire, or even explodes?

When products go haywire, they may be recalled. Numerous products have caused injuries and even some fatalities, spawning nationwide recalls. Recalls are important: They protect us from mechanisms that threaten our health and our lives. 

Discover the history of recalls in the timeline below, and check to see if you’ve been negatively impacted by any of the current recall events.

A Timeline of Notable Recalls

We hope you never need us but if you or someone you know is ever injured by a defective product or dangerous drugs, contact us for a free case evaluation.