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How to Find the Best Work-Related Injury Lawyer Near Me – Morgan & Morgan

Workers get injured on the job every day. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. workers incurred 2.8 million injuries in 2018 alone. If you got hurt at work, you could be entitled to workers’ comp benefits such as medical expenses, income loss, disability, and others.

However, depending on your case, there could be several options for recovering what you need to rebuild your life after a serious work injury. A work-related injury lawyer at Morgan & Morgan could help you get justice and compensation. Let us assess your case and determine all avenues for pursuing compensation. Get started now and schedule a free case review.

Finding the Right Work-Related Injury Lawyer for You

Finding a good work-related injury lawyer can take a little time and involve doing some homework. 


Perhaps a coworker or someone you know got injured at work and can refer a great injury lawyer to you. You could also ask friends and family for attorney referrals. If you have previously worked with an attorney who practices in a different field, you might want to give them a call to ask if they personally know a lawyer who deals with work injuries.

Internet Research

Internet research can be helpful for finding the names of work injury lawyers in your area. You could also discover reviews and testimonials from past clients with internet research. 

What to Look for in a Work-Related Injury Lawyer

An excellent injury attorney will be personable and happy to talk about their experience in the field. They should be able to assess your work injury claim in a free consultation and inform you of any potential legal options right away. Ideally, you should look for a work-related injury lawyer who has a successful track record in helping clients with similar cases as yours. 

Get to Know Your Work-Injury Lawyer Personally

Most work-related injury lawyers offer case reviews where you can meet them or their legal team free of charge to discuss your case and ask questions. Make sure to take advantage of these free consultations, which can help get to know the law firm or attorney personally. 


Open and honest communication is generally the key to a successful relationship with your injury lawyer. Ask your potential attorney how often they will be in contact with you during your case and how you will be able to contact them. No matter how successful and respected a lawyer is on paper, you will end up frustrated if they do not return your calls or you cannot get an appointment to see them.


A lawyer may have numerous accolades and only five-star reviews. However, what matters most is that you feel comfortable with them. Make sure to listen to your gut feelings and choose a lawyer with the right mix of experience, accessibility, and personality.

Questions You Could Ask at the First Consultation 

Asking questions can be a good way to get to know a work injury attorney and make the most of your free consultation. Questions that can help you understand your case as well as get to know the attorney can include:

  • Do I have a workers’ comp claim or personal injury case?
  • What strategy would you recommend for my case?
  • How long have you handled work-related injury cases?
  • What are the outcomes you have achieved in cases like mine?
  • Have you won work-related injury lawsuits at trial?
  • Who in your firm will handle my case?
  • What is your fee?
  • How often can I expect updates on my case?
  • What are my costs if I lose?

You will most likely have other pressing questions relating to your individual work accident and injury. It can be helpful to make notes prior to the consultations, recording important questions and concerns you would like addressed. Make sure to bring relevant documentation, such as medical reports, accident reports, and workers’ comp claim information, to your first consultation.

Your Best Steps After a Work Accident

If you get injured at work, you will need to take some important steps to protect your legal rights and entitlement to benefits or compensation.

Report Your Injury Immediately

It is crucially important to report an injury to your employer or a supervisor as soon as possible. In most states, an employee is required to report an injury within a specific timeframe, which can be as short as ten days. If you wait too long with reporting, you may lose your eligibility for benefits. 

Fill out an Injury Report

Filling out a written injury report is another excellent way to protect your legal rights. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers are required to provide employees with workplace injury reports. Filling out an injury report is critical as the document can save as evidence later on when it comes to applying for benefits or negotiating a settlement for your injuries. Therefore, even if your employer says it is unnecessary, insist on filling out an injury report. Do not forget to obtain a copy of the report for your records. 

Seek Medical Care Immediately

Seeking medical care is essential for protecting your rights and your health, even if you only have minor injuries. Some potentially serious medical conditions, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), may not present with any symptoms at first. According to the Mayo Clinic, TBI symptoms could show up days and even weeks after the injury occurred. 

Seeing a doctor right away ensures that any undetected injuries are diagnosed and treated promptly. It also provides you with a medical report which can be essential evidence, especially if your employer’s insurer disputes your injuries. 

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Although the deadlines for filing a workers’ compensation claim can vary between states, ensure to submit your claim as soon as possible after an accident. In most states, your employer is responsible for providing you with the documents required to make a claim. The document should contain details of the accident and the nature of your injury. Your employer should submit the completed claims form to their state’s workers’ compensation board.  

Contact a Work-Related Injury Lawyer

Speaking to a specialized work injury lawyer can be a good idea after suffering an injury at work. They will be able to advise you on your legal options, for example, if you could potentially file a personal injury lawsuit and recover damages exceeding workers’ compensation benefits. An employment lawyer can also help you if your workers’ comp claim is delayed, minimized, or denied.  

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