Attorney Types of Workers Compensation Claims

Types of Workers Compensation Claims

Accidents in the workplace can happen to any employee, no matter how cautious and responsible they are. In fact, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries in the United States reported by private industry employers in 2017 alone.

The good news is, workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help workers recover financial compensation in the aftermath of an injury or illness. The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are experienced in handling all kinds of these claims.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

At Morgan & Morgan, our workers’ compensation attorneys often encounter cases having to do with:

  • Overexertion: Back injuries and pulled muscles in the workplace are common in construction, manufacturing, factory work, and other occupations where physical labor is required.
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Slip-and-falls often take place on wet floors that have a spill or were recently cleaned.
  • Struck-by-Object Accidents: Objects fall off shelves, employees drop items, and projectiles are sent flying. Resulting injuries are common in office spaces, restaurants, retail, and construction, among other industries.
  • Falls: Falling may lead to severe injuries and require extensive time away from work.
  • Hazardous Materials: Protective clothing, gloves, and eyewear are mandatory for employees whose jobs require them to be around chemicals and other hazardous materials. Such exposure can lead to burns, skin infections, respiratory diseases, and other serious ailments.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: Carpal tunnel syndrome may occur when an employee is engaged in a repetitive motion such as typing. Data operators and other office employees may be subject to this type of injury.

Workers’ Compensation Claims: What’s Covered

No matter the type of injury you suffer, you may be eligible to recover compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim. These claims may cover:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital and emergency room visits, doctor’s appointments, medications, and medical equipment
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Rehabilitation to help pay for physical therapy and other therapeutic care 
  • Death in the circumstance that an employee’s death takes place on the job (the family members who were financially dependent may be compensated)

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