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Highly populated events, such as a town-sponsored parade, are supposed to be a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for the whole family. However, the sizable crowds that characterize this type of ceremony make it significantly risky for all those who attend, as an unforeseen event can cause widespread harm in an instant. In most cases, the organizations who are responsible for hosting the event will take the necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of injury, but this isn’t always true. Negligence, or the involvement of an unethical actor, can quickly turn a day of excitement into a nightmare, but why should you have to endure the consequences of someone else’s mistake?

Parades were designed to celebrate communities, not tear them apart. Unfortunately, these tragedies are becoming increasingly common in our modern society. We’ve seen cases of parade accidents in the past, such as the 2005 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade accident and the 2021 Waukesha Holiday Parade tragedy, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept this type of behavior. Together, we can fight back against the negligent organizations who cause these tragedies and make the world safer for the rest of us. 

If you or someone you know has been injured in a parade accident, we understand and want to help. Our attorneys have the necessary experience, knowledge, and resources to handle a case of any size confidently, making us an undeniable asset in your fight for compensation. Complete a free, no-risk case evaluation to get started.

Why Are Parades Dangerous?

Parades, much like other, highly crowded events, feature many people in one centralized location. Most people won’t think anything of standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds or thousands of people, but if something was to occur, the situation can quickly get out of control. For example, if an unexpected gunshot were to go off at a parade, the crowd would take off in an attempt to find safety. Those on the opposite side of the shot may not be able to hear it, but they’ll soon see the mass of people who are running to get away from the danger and become tangled in the crowd. This kind of situation can result in trampling, suffocation, and many other adverse health effects that can cause an injury or worse.

Equipment failures, violent individuals, and other risks are also prevalent at parades, making them especially dangerous to an unsuspecting attendee. However, not all parades will end in a catastrophe, so you shouldn’t avoid them entirely if it’s something you enjoy. Instead, you should take the proper precautions before and during the event to ensure that you and your family will be safe from harm if danger were to arise.

How Can an Attorney Help After a Parade Accident?

If you’re a victim of this type of tragedy, you’re likely shaken by what you’ve just experienced. You’ll need some time to recover properly, but that can be difficult when you’re trying to handle the legal aspects of the situation. This is often frustrating for many accident victims, but by teaming up with an experienced attorney, you can navigate through the process with ease while still leaving yourself some time to heal from the damage.

An experienced attorney will use their expertise to guide you towards the best possible outcome for your case. Although compensation won’t reverse the damage, it can help you financially recover from the event and support you as you learn to cope with the new reality. You can expect to recover:

  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Mental/emotional damage
  • Punitive damages
  • Funeral expenses

Some of these damages, like mental/emotional damage, are difficult to advocate for during negotiations, as you’re the one who can truly attest to how severe the damage is. Our attorneys have a proven track record of recovering the full extent of this type of damage in cases just like yours, which can help you ensure that you receive the total compensation that you’re entitled to. 

Can I Afford an Attorney?

You may have heard of the stigma that law firms are generally expensive to hire, but we’ve worked hard to create a system that challenges that standard. At Morgan & Morgan, we believe that everyone deserves access to proficient representation after enduring a tragedy, regardless of their financial status. That’s why our attorneys work on a contingency—meaning it costs nothing to hire us, and we’re only paid when we win your case. Not only does this keep the costs low on your end, but it also keeps everyone motivated towards one goal: reaching the best possible results for your case. 

Contact Morgan & Morgan

In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan & Morgan has your back. Families attend events like parades expecting to spend some quality time with their loved ones, but negligence has ripped that opportunity from their hands. Instead, many individuals have been forced to run for safety as their negligence results in real-time consequences for the attendees, which is especially unacceptable if there’s a loss of life. We always say that there’s no way that it can happen again, but as we’ve seen, organizations have yet to learn the importance of proper safety precautions. 

If you or someone you know has been injured in the Waukesha Holiday Parade Tragedy or any other parade accident, our attorneys are here for you. Complete a free, no-risk case evaluation today and take the first step toward your recovery. 

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