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Funeral Home Referrals

Losing a loved one can shake someone down to their very core, especially if their life was taken from them in an accident that could have been prevented. The surviving members of the family are often left to pick up the pieces on their own, but with a successful insurance claim, they could recover the compensation they need to cover the expenses surrounding the situation, plus some additional restitution to allow them to cope with their loss as they move through their lives. 

However, this can only occur if the insurance company behind the victim’s surviving family acts responsibly with the incoming claim, as there have been situations where unethical insurance providers have diminished or denied their client’s claim, despite being more than eligible for benefits. 

Funeral homes often get the short end of the stick in these situations. If the insurance company denies their client’s claim after the funeral is held, it begins a long, grueling back and forth between the funeral home and the insurance provider of their customer, often leaving the funeral home without repayment for the services provided. Those within the funeral home industry know this situation very well, as it’s caused organizations to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, but there is hope for the future. Although you might believe that the benefits are unrecoverable, our attorneys are here to help you reverse the decision and get the funding you need to offset your financial burden.

As America’s largest personal injury firm, Morgan & Morgan is uniquely capable of helping funeral home directors and those within funeral funding organizations. Chances are, you didn’t choose to pay for a client’s funeral out of your organization’s pocket, and we can help you make sure that the life insurance provider responsible for the denial pays for the service you provided. Our attorneys have fought tirelessly and recovered millions of dollars in denied and unjustly delayed claims. We can help you, the funeral home, the funeral funder, and your customer receive the benefits they’re entitled to.

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  • Why Do Providers Deny Insurance Claims?

    There are a number of reasons that a life insurance provider can deny a claim, but if they do so dishonestly, they could be held liable for their actions. Our attorneys have a proven track record of recovering denied or diminished claims for our clients, and we’re prepared to offer you the same results that have made millions of people trust us with their legal challenges. Here are some common reasons why a life insurance provider will deny a claim:

    • Contestable Claims: As you know, insurance providers can deny a death benefit if it’s found that they purchased the policy within two years of their passing or if they discover the deceased fraudulently filled out their paperwork to receive the coverage, otherwise known as misrepresentation. However, each state has different laws regarding misrepresentation, which can cause a provider to deny a claim when the beneficiary is genuinely entitled to benefits. Although this might sound complicated or even impossible to get around, our attorneys have a proven track record of finding success across cases like these by dissecting the language of how a state defines misrepresentation. We’ve also helped numerous clients by arguing that the insurance agent who gave the “green light” on the policy acted negligently when inputting the client’s information, causing their file to look fraudulent.
    • Lapsed Policies: In some cases, providers will deny a claim and argue that their client’s policy had lapsed prior to their passing. This can be frustrating for both the surviving members of the deceased and the funeral home responsible for their service, but our attorneys have discovered a method to get around this business tactic and get you paid. We’ll closely examine the policy to determine if the insurance company accepted late and partial payments to apply them to the premium for the lapsed policy. Additionally, we can determine if the provider violated its policy and state law requirements by failing to send out lapse notices or information about a grace period, giving the insured 31 days to pay the unpaid premium charges.
    • Insured Employee Fails to Timely Convert the Policy to an Individual Policy: Many businesses offer group life insurance policies to their employees, where each individual will make their premium payments via payroll deductions. Although the coverage is a great option for many employees, it becomes complicated if they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness or sustain a severe injury, as many providers will fail to notify them that they can convert their group policy to an individual one without having to show medical evidence of insurability. Once they become too sick or hurt to work, they can no longer pay into their policy, and no insurance company will offer them a policy due to their condition, causing them to suffer through their situation without coverage. Our attorneys are uniquely capable of getting the death benefit paid either through the employer or the insurer by arguing that they breached their duty under ERISA to provide complete and accurate information about the insured employee’s right to convert the policy, making us an undeniable asset in your pursuit of lost benefits. 
    • Denied Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policies: Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely try to deny accidental death claims because their investigation finds that the death wasn’t an accident. They’ll also deny these claims by claiming the deceased was under the influence at the time of the accident, that they were driving recklessly, or another exclusion to prevent the surviving members of the deceased’s family from collecting benefits. All of these exclusions can force you to shoulder the financial burden of the accident, but our attorneys have successfully fought off these denials by challenging toxicology and police crash reports to right the wrong and get the claim paid.
  • Why Choose Morgan & Morgan?

    Over the last three decades, Morgan & Morgan has fought For the People and helped thousands of clients recover benefits from falsely denied or diminished claims. At the end of the day, we understand that a denied policy shifts the financial burden to your organization, which isn’t fair considering you provided your service under the assumption that your customer’s insurance claim would go through. You shouldn’t have to battle with insurance companies to collect on something you should have had already, but by teaming up with us, you’ll have someone in your corner to relentlessly advocate for your situation and fight for the benefits you’re rightfully entitled to.

    Our game is personal injury, but our goal? We want to ensure that no individual or organization is taken advantage of by a powerful bully, regardless of the situation at hand. We stand as an ally for all funeral home directors and those within funeral funding organizations against the powerful, allowing you to enlist the help of the insurance company’s worst nightmare in your pursuit of benefits. We know what it takes to get the job done, and we have the resources to ensure that you have the best possible chance of finding success in your unfair benefit denial.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan

    In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan & Morgan has your back. The denial of life insurance benefits is more than just clicking a box on a computer screen; It has real-life consequences that can send any individual or organization into a financial freefall. Our attorneys understand this, and if you find yourself in this situation, we’re always a phone call away. With over 800+ trial-ready attorneys, a network of team members across the country, and resources that other firms can only dream of, it’s easy to see that Morgan & Morgan is the only choice in your pursuit of unfairly denied benefits. 

    If you or your organization finds themselves with an assignment of benefits that’s been denied or unfairly delayed, our insurance attorneys are ready to take your call. Contact us today to get started.

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