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Injury Claims

Do-it-yourself culture is big in America. The internet has accelerated the tendency to forego professional help and figure things out for ourselves. Being self-reliant can increase confidence and resilience, help us learn new things, and save money.

But there are some things you shouldn’t try to do yourself. One of those things is representing yourself in an injury case. Taking on a big insurance company is not like fighting a speeding ticket. Following an accident, you only have one shot to recover compensation for your injuries. There are risks to representing yourself, and if you make a mistake, the consequences can last a lifetime.

Few events can impact your physical, emotional, and financial well-being like an injury. When the stakes are high and the results matter, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Know What Your Claim Is Worth

Figuring out the value of a personal injury claim is a complicated, multi-factored process. You might have a general idea of how much compensation you’re owed, but do you want to trust your future to a guesstimate?

A lawyer knows the types and amounts of compensation you’re entitled to, including compensation for future medical bills and lost wages, permanent disability, and ongoing pain and suffering. They have access to experts such as doctors, vocational specialists, and mental health experts who can help to place an accurate dollar figure on your losses. Your claim value is not left to chance when you hire a lawyer. Everything is meticulously assessed and expertly calculated.

Proving Your Claim

It’s not what you claim in an injury case that matters. It’s what you can prove.

Big claims require big evidence to back them up. If you claim that your injury will permanently reduce your earning potential, you will need to substantiate this claim with medical testimony. If you claim loss of enjoyment of life, you’ll need to clearly demonstrate how your specific injury impacts your life, relationships, and interests. Every claim—large and small—requires proof. Even a simple claim for property damage must have evidence to back it up.

Equally important, before you are eligible for any compensation, you must prove that another party is liable. As the victim in a personal injury lawsuit, the burden is on you to prove the other party’s negligence by a preponderance of the evidence. If you can’t prove it, it’s as though it didn’t happen.

Fighting Strength With Strength

Americans love underdog stories as much as they love doing things themselves. But events rarely turn out in real life the way they do in Hollywood. Insurance companies are multi-billion dollar corporations that make money by denying and underpaying claims. You may be in the right, but in a system where “might makes right,” insurance companies have an advantage over you in a claims dispute.

With an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner, your chances of succeeding against the insurance company improve. However, a small firm might not be up to the task of challenging corporate power. You need a big law firm to take on a big company. With an army of 800 attorneys and over $13 billion recovered for our clients, Morgan & Morgan has earned the respect—and fear—of insurance companies.

Not Just Any Law Firm Will Do

There’s only one Morgan & Morgan. We’re the country’s largest plaintiffs’ firm, trusted by more than 300,000 clients over 30+ years. We have the resources and track record that small firms can’t match but treat every client like a member of the family. Our lawyers never charge by the hour and don’t collect any fees unless we win.

To experience the Morgan & Morgan difference, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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