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Burn Injury Lawyers in Wyoming - Burn

Burn Injury Lawyers

When accidents happen, victims are often left with serious bodily injuries. Burns in particular are common in car crashes, defective product mishaps, and workplace accidents.

Burn injuries can be devastating for victims, both emotionally and physically. Recovering from a burn injury is a lengthy process that often requires extensive rehabilitation and results in exorbitant medical bills.

This type of physical damage can be even more emotionally difficult when it results from another party's carelessness. Burn victims shouldn’t be required to shoulder the costs of an accident they weren’t responsible for.

The state of Wyoming is home to more than half a million residents. Every day across the state, people experience unexpected and catastrophic injuries such as burns.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident resulting in a burn injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to the accomplished team of burn injury lawyers in Wyoming at Morgan & Morgan.

Our seasoned legal professionals have decades of litigation experience. We know what it takes to successfully seek justice for the victims of burn injuries. 

If another party is responsible for your injury, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Morgan and Morgan burn injury lawyers in Wyoming will fight tirelessly to get the money you need.

We won’t let you face the frightening consequences of a burn injury on your own. Complete the brief contact form on our website to speak with our friendly staff and schedule a no-cost legal case evaluation today!

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Categories of Burn Injuries

    When most people think of burn injuries, they picture open flames or scalding hot surfaces. Although these are both common causes of burns, many different types of burn injuries exist.

    Some of the most common types of burn injuries in Wyoming accident claims are:

    Cold Burns

    This type of burn injury is also known as “frostbite.” Frostbite occurs when the victim’s skin experiences prolonged exposure to a temperature below 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius). 

    Following the initial exposure, the victim’s skin may be cold to the touch, and they may experience a prickling sensation. The sin may also turn red or bluish-white, depending on the severity of the burn. 

    You may have a valid legal claim if you’ve gotten frostbite due to another person's negligence, such as a workplace safety oversight. It’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible following a frostbite incident. Once you've received treatment for your injuries, call the knowledgeable tort attorneys at Morgan & Morgan.

    Chemical Burns

    Many dangerous substances can cause burn injuries when they touch a victim's skin. You may suffer a severe chemical burn when you come into contact with any of the following chemicals: 

    • Paint thinner
    • Gasoline
    • Bleach
    • Ammonia
    • Toilet and drain cleaners
    • Pool chlorinators
    • Strong solvents
    • Various acids

    Many of these burns occur in workplaces where large quantities of chemical substances are handled. However, a chemical burn can happen anywhere that these hazardous materials are present.

    Signs and symptoms of chemical burns include: 

    • Irritation and burning at the exposure site
    • Numbness or pain
    • Blisters and dead skin
    • Cough and shortness of breath
    • Headache
    • Low blood pressure
    • Seizures 

    The specific symptoms of your burn will depend on the duration of contact and the type of chemical involved. It’s important to seek medical care following any type of chemical burn.

    Employees who sustain chemical burns at work may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Schedule a consultation with burn injury lawyers in Wyoming to explore the possibility of filing a legal claim.

    Electrical Burns

    Burns that result from exposure to electricity can occur in many different contexts. Often, this type of burn is the result of exposure to powerful currents in residential or commercial electrical systems.

    The symptoms of electrical burns can be wide-ranging, as the amount of electricity and the duration of exposure to the current will influence the severity of the victim’s symptoms.

    If your injury was the result of a negligent employer or property owner, you might be entitled to remuneration. You stand to recover the costs and losses resulting from your burn injury through a successful civil claim.

    Radiation Burns

    Prolonged exposure to radiation can result in damage to the skin and underlying muscle tissue. Sunburns are a particularly common type of radiation injury. 

    But these burn injuries may also result from malfunctioning equipment, such as X-ray machines or tanning beds. Significant exposure to ultraviolet rays may also lead to the development of cancer and other medical issues.

    Friction Burns

    This type of burn happens when the victim’s skin scrapes along a rough or unyielding surface. Typically, hard surfaces like concrete, wood, and metal are more likely to cause friction burns. 

    The friction from scraping can result in a heat-inflicted wound. Friction burns are mostly associated with vehicular, bicycle, or motorcycle accidents.  

    If your burn injury is the result of another person’s reckless or negligent driving, contact Morgan and Morgan. Our burn injury lawyers in Wyoming will assess the validity of your accident claim and fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

  • Burn Severity Classifications

    The classification system for burns is based on severity. Different “degrees” of burns will damage tissue to different depths below the skin. 

    Higher degrees are more serious. Along with the skin, severe burns can cause damage to muscle tissue, nerves, bones, and organs.

    Burn injuries are typically classified according to the following degrees:

    First Degree

    These injuries are usually superficial. They usually affect the surface layer of skin, or epidermis.

    The victim’s skin may become red and painful to the touch. However, first-degree burns do not cause blisters or long-lasting tissue damage.

    Second Degree

    Second-degree burns damage both the epidermis and the layer of skin beneath, known as the dermis. With a second-degree burn, the skill will appear red and shiny.  

    These burns are often intensely painful and result in blisters and scarring.

    Third Degree

    These injuries are sometimes called “full-thickness” burns because they affect both layers of the skin, turning them black, yellow, white, or brown.

    Victims of this type of burn also frequently suffer nerve damage due to the depth of the burn. For this reason, third-degree burns don’t generally result in significant pain.

    It’s critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible if you’ve sustained a second or third-degree burn.

    Fourth Degree

    This is the most severe type of burn. Fourth-degree burns may result in damage to any of the following: 

    • Skin
    • Muscle
    • Nerves
    • Organs
    • Bones
    • Other bodily tissues

    These devastating injuries can be life-threatening or fatal. No matter what degree of burn you’ve sustained, it’s imperative that you get appropriate treatment. 

    If another person’s negligence was the cause of your burn injury, you have the right to hold them accountable. Morgan & Morgan’s burn injury lawyers in Wyoming will work to build a strong case in your favor and win you the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

  • Determining Financial Damages in a Wyoming Burn Injury Case

    When you’ve been injured by another party, you may wonder about the types of compensation you can hope to secure through a civil claim.

    Every burn injury case is a little different. Many factors can influence the value of your claim and the types of damages you can successfully recover. Some of the key elements to consider when calculating the value of your case include: 

    • The cause of your burn injury
    • The percentage of your body that was burned
    • The severity of your physical pain and suffering
    • The amount of permanent scarring you’ve sustained
    • The psychological effects of your injury
    • Resultant permanent limitations of movement or bodily function
    • Resultant medical issues or complications

    A skilled legal professional at Morgan and Morgan will review the facts of your claim to determine the type and amount of damages you can pursue.

    Many injury victims can pursue compensation in two distinct categories: economic and non-economic.

    Economic Damages

    Treating and rehabbing a burn injury is often very expensive. This type of payment compensates a burn injury victim for their monetary losses.

    Accident victims shouldn’t have to pay for losses caused by another party’s negligence. Common examples of economic damages in burn injury cases include compensatory payments to cover: 

    • Past and future medical bills
    • Ongoing in-home care costs
    • Associated property damage, such as repairs to vehicles
    • Decreased ability to earn income
    • Lost paychecks and wages from inability to work 

    The talented attorneys at Morgan & Morgan will review all the relevant documentation associated with your claim, including medical bills, digital financial records, invoices, and other records.

    We won’t allow a greedy insurance corporation to deny you the total value of your burn injury claim.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Burn injury victims may sustain other losses that aren’t monetary in nature. Although emotional and psychological harm doesn't always result in financial hardship, victims still deserve solace. 

    Non-economic damages are designed to make it easier to recover from these sorts of harms. These payments are frequently made to address: 

    • Psychological harm and duress
    • Pain and suffering
    • Scarring and disfigurement
    • Disability and loss of function
    • Decreased quality of life
    • Depression and anxiety

    Such losses can be challenging to quantify. For this reason, consulting with a team of experienced burn injury lawyers in Wyoming is crucial to get a better sense of how to pursue the compensation you need.

    The seasoned litigators at Morgan and Morgan will never settle for less than the full value of your Wyoming burn injury case.

  • When Should I File a Burn Injury Lawsuit in Wyoming?

    Each state has laws that determine how soon a victim must file a claim for damages after an injury. This legal time limit is known as the statute of limitations.

    In the state of Wyoming, victims must pursue financial compensation for their burn injury within four years of the date of the incident. It’s important to retain the services of an attorney as soon as possible after sustaining a burn injury.

    Morgan & Morgan can help you build a powerful case to recover the money you’re owed. Our team will ensure that all the legal deadlines in your case are met, giving you the highest likelihood of obtaining compensation.

    Contact Morgan and Morgan Today

    Burn injuries can be physically, financially, and emotionally devastating. Fortunately, the accomplished legal team at Morgan & Morgan is standing by to help. 

    Our Wyoming tort attorneys will gladly provide a no-cost legal case evaluation to determine the best course of action for you. Fill out our brief contact form online to schedule your free consultation today.

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