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Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Charlotte

Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Charlotte

Workers' compensation is supposed to be a convenient way for an injured worker to get money to pay for medical expenses and cover lost wages. But the process isn’t always as convenient as it should be. When your claim is denied or you aren’t paid fairly for your injuries, you need the aid of an experienced team of workers' compensation lawyers in Charlotte to get the money you deserve.

Workers' compensation attorneys focus on helping injured workers secure fair compensation for injuries they’ve received while on the job. They make sure the insurance company examines all relevant evidence before making a decision and that they don’t undervalue the cost of medical treatment.

When a workers' compensation lawyer does their job well, accident victims earn much more than they would have if they had filed a claim on their own. If you’ve been injured at work in the Charlotte area, it’s wise to consult with workers' compensation lawyers in Charlotte before you file your claim.

The veteran attorneys at Morgan & Morgan can help you obtain the maximum payment for your claim. Contact us today to learn more about your options and schedule a free case evaluation.

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  • What are The First Sign You Need Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Charlotte?

    Far too many people realize they need a lawyer only after their workers' compensation claim has been denied or they’ve received less money than they’re owed.

    Despite what you might have heard to the contrary, the first sign that you need a workers' compensation attorney on your side is that you’ve been injured on the job.

    As much as workers' compensation insurance is supposed to give workers a simple way to ensure financial security following work-related accidents, this is rarely the case. Insurance companies and employers often make it very difficult to claim workers' compensation insurance.

    There’s typically copious amounts of paperwork involved and multiple people that need to sign off on the claim. Just filing a claim alone can almost feel like a full-time job, to say nothing of taking the steps required to get paid.

    This isn’t a coincidence. Insurance companies lose money every time they have to pay compensation to a claimant, and employers risk having their insurance rates go up or facing other penalties if they admit that an employee was injured on the job.

    Because claiming workers' compensation can be so demanding, it’s a good idea to consult with a workers' compensation attorney from Morgan and Morgan as soon as you get injured. By contacting a lawyer immediately, you’ll have an experienced attorney helping you navigate the claims process from the very start.

    Your attorney will speed up the process by reducing your paperwork and contacting the appropriate parties before you even know they’re needed. Additionally, your attorney will understand what type of evidence is needed to support your claim and can gather that evidence independently. This prevents the insurance company from delaying your claim by “missing” evidence or taking weeks to complete an investigation of their own.

    As a rule of thumb, the sooner you consult with a workers' compensation attorney, the more money you stand to get from your claim and the less time it will take to process.

    For this reason, we recommend that all injured workers take advantage of our free case evaluation offer before making any decisions about how to proceed with their workers' compensation claim. The best decisions are always those that are made with as much information as possible.

  • What You Should Expect After Retaining Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Charlotte?

    No two workers' compensation cases ever play out the same way. However, certain elements tend to be similar in almost all cases.

    The most important thing you can expect upon hiring an attorney is peace of mind. A workers' compensation lawyer at Morgan & Morgan will do everything possible to make the claims process less stressful for you.

    Our attorneys will handle all communications with your employer and their insurance provider. We’ll also direct you to the best doctors in the area to seek treatment for your injuries. We know that getting well is your highest priority, and we’ll help you recover quickly by easing the burden of other activities.

    Once we take your case, the first thing we’ll do is advise you not to communicate with anybody about your claim. This doesn’t just mean you shouldn’t speak with your employer or their insurer—you should also refrain from sharing information with friends and family, particularly over social media.

    Your employer’s insurance company could potentially use anything you say about your accident to deny your claim or minimize your compensation. Therefore, the best thing to do is remain mute and let your attorney do the talking.

    If you eventually need to share details about the accident with your employer or their insurer, your attorney can be present and advise you throughout the conversation.

    Additionally, an attorney will investigate your claim independently from the insurance company. This is important because your lawyer will be looking for evidence that supports your claim, whereas the insurance company will generally be looking for evidence that can be used to deny it. Time is of the essence during the investigation phase, as evidence tends to disappear quickly.

    Once all of the relevant evidence has been collected, we’ll try to negotiate a fair settlement offer with the insurance company.

    Insurers commonly try to offer accident victims as little money as they can get away with. As such, they may try to undervalue your medical bills or possibly even provide misinformation about much you’re currently paid. These sorts of tactics are unacceptable, and Morgan and Morgan’s workers' compensation lawyers in Charlotte will do everything in their power to push back.

    We’ll fight to get you every penny you deserve. If the insurance company isn’t willing to pay you the full value of your claim, we won’t hesitate to take it to court. Our accomplished legal team has won millions of dollars in awards at workers' compensation trials over the years and is always prepared to go the distance in every case we accept.

    In the event that your case goes to trial, you’ll likely have to wait at least a year to receive compensation. But once it concludes, you can expect to be awarded a larger sum than you originally expected.

    And if the insurance company attempts to settle after the trial has begun, as they often do, we can negotiate a higher settlement than was on the table before.

  • Can I Get Workers' Compensation if I’m Disabled Outside of Work?

    Unfortunately, no. Workers' compensation insurance specifically covers injuries incurred while performing work-related duties.

    That being said, if you’re temporarily or permanently disabled outside of work, you might be eligible for other programs like Social Security disability insurance. A Morgan & Morgan attorney can explain these options further during your initial case evaluation and ensure that you get the help you need.

  • How Many Days of Work Do I Have to Miss to Qualify for Workers' Compensation Insurance?

    You must miss at least seven consecutive days of work to qualify for workers' compensation insurance. If you miss fewer days than that, your time off work won’t be covered.

    However, depending on how you received your injuries, you may still be able to seek compensation from your employer, even if they don’t prevent you from working. This is especially true if they require expensive treatment.

  • Can I Hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer if My Claim Is Denied?

    It’s prudent to hire a worker's compensation attorney immediately after being injured at the workplace. But even if you don’t, it doesn’t prevent you from retaining a lawyer later on in the process, potentially even after your claim has been denied.

    Workers' compensation lawyers have much experience with the appeals process and can help guide you through it effectively. With a little luck, your attorney will not only get the insurance company to reverse its prior decisions but also get you the maximum payout for your claim.

    Even if the appeal fails, you’ll still have the option of filing a lawsuit against the insurance company, which your attorney can help with.

  • Are Workers' Compensation Laws Different in Charlotte?

    Workers' compensation laws differ in every state in the country. But that’s not a problem for the workers' compensation attorneys at Morgan and Morgan. We have law offices in every state, and all of our attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws of the states in which they work.

  • What Types of Injuries Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

    Any injury that prevents you from doing the job you were hired for can make you eligible for workers' compensation. Some common injuries that can result in workers' compensation claims are:

    • Head trauma
    • Broken bones
    • Spinal injuries
    • Soft tissue injuries (particularly to limbs)
    • Severe burns

    Suppose that you’ve suffered a severe injury while on the job and it’s prevented you from completing your job duties for at least seven days. In that case, you would be eligible for workers' compensation regardless of the specific nature of your injury.

    Additionally, while most workers' compensation claims deal with injuries, illnesses suffered due to work-related activities can also qualify for workers' compensation under similar circumstances.

  • How Long Does It Take to Get Paid From a Workers' Compensation Claim?

    The amount of time it takes to receive your first payment depends almost entirely on how long it takes the insurance company to investigate your claim.

    Insurers aren’t allowed to unnecessarily delay claims, but that doesn’t mean they’ll act swiftly. There are many ways that an insurance company could attempt to forestall payment on your claim. Morgan & Morgan’s workers' compensation lawyers in Charlotte will put pressure on the insurance company to make good on your claim as quickly as possible.

    Regardless of how long the investigation takes, you’ll be compensated retroactively for every day of work you’ve missed when you receive your first payment. Generally, it will be a minimum of 14 days before you get your first payment.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan to Work With Expert Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Charlotte

    At Morgan and Morgan, we take pride in having fought for workers' rights since 1988. In that time, our attorneys have won millions of dollars in much-needed compensation for our clients.

    If you’ve suffered an injury at work that prevents you from making a living, don’t wait any longer to get help. Contact us today to learn more about your options and schedule a free case evaluation.

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