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When Should I Contact Truck Accident Lawyers in Big Pine Key, Florida - Truck after accident

Truck Accident Lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL

Any type of motor vehicle accident carries a high risk of property destruction and serious injuries. But accidents involving freight trucks present an even higher probability of injuries for victims.  

Commercial trucks are larger and heavier than standard passenger vehicles. Because of this, they can cause catastrophic damage. 

If you or someone you love has been injured in a commercial trucking accident, it is critical to secure legal representation. Victims of truck accidents can pursue financial compensation for all of the damages they suffer. 

In the aftermath of a collision, victims often experience significant personal and financial losses. Skilled truck accident lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL, can assist you in securing the money that you need to move forward. 

After you have been in a crash, you may be unsure about when to contact truck accident lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL. Make sure to consult with a legal expert as soon as possible after you have been involved in a collision. 

The sooner you secure legal representation, the better chance you will have of filing a successful claim. When you need a tort lawyer in Florida, reach out to the premier legal team at the firm of Morgan & Morgan. 

Our compassionate attorneys will happily provide you with a no-cost legal consultation to review the facts of your case. To arrange your free case evaluation, complete the contact form on our firm’s website today.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Steps to Take After a Florida Commercial Truck Accident

    The state of Florida is a major importing and exporting hub for the United States. Because of this, freight and commercial trucks are staples on Florida highways.  

    The prevalence of large trucks increases the chances of serious accidents. When you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, it is normal to feel confused, scared, and overwhelmed. 

    Taking the right steps is critical in the moments after any motor vehicle accident. This is especially true when you have collided with a large-scale commercial truck. 

    You may be unsure about when you call truck accident lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL. Below, we will discuss the most important actions you can take after a crash:

    Ensure Your Own Safety

    The most important thing you can do after an accident is to assess your own physical condition. Check yourself for injuries and see if others are in need of immediate medical attention. 

    If another driver or passenger is seriously injured, do not attempt to move them. Contact medical responders by calling 911.  

    The operator will dispatch medical care providers to the scene of the crash as soon as possible. Even if no one is injured, the emergency operator may still send paramedics to the scene for safety.

    Medical Assessment

    Whether paramedics arrive on the scene, you should seek a medical assessment as soon as possible after the crash. Some serious injuries do not present symptoms until days or weeks after the initial incident. A medical care provider will be able to diagnose any injury that you have sustained. 

    For example, whiplash injuries are incredibly common in motor vehicle accident cases. In some cases, the symptoms of whiplash do not appear immediately. This can leave victims mistakenly believing that they are unharmed. 

    Even if you do not believe you are injured, a medical record will be important for any resulting legal claim. Do not accept any insurance settlement unless you have consulted with a legal expert and a medical professional. 

    Failing to seek a medical exam may leave you without the ability to recover all the financial compensation that you are rightfully owed.

    Contact Law Enforcement

    After you have attended to any immediate medical emergencies, you should contact local law enforcement. They may dispatch officers to the scene to create a police accident report. 

    This type of report will be invaluable when filing a legal claim for damages. Police reports function as a third-party account of the circumstances of your collision.  

    Your attorney will use this report to corroborate your account of the crash. This can help to ensure that you receive all of the money that is rightfully yours following a truck accident.

    Collect Evidence of the Crash

    It is vital to collect as much evidence about the collision as possible while you are at the scene. Documenting the details of any damage, injuries, and other relevant facts will help truck accident lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL, effectively fight for you. 

    Some of the most relevant types of evidence and documentation include: 

    • Photos of any vehicular or property damage
    • Photos of any injuries
    • Statements from eyewitnesses to the collision
    • Photos of the surrounding roadway
    • Notes detailing your own experience of the crash
    • Names and contact information of other drivers
    • License plates for all involved vehicles
    • Insurance information for the other drivers
    • A copy of the police accident report
    • Names and badge numbers of reporting law enforcement officers

    The more information that you can collect in the immediate aftermath of the incident, the better. Accomplished truck accident lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL, will use this evidence to build a powerful personal injury claim on your behalf. 

    As time passes, it will become more difficult to collect relevant evidence regarding the truck accident. That is why you should gather as much information as possible before leaving the scene.

    Avoid Conversation

    While you are waiting on paramedics or law enforcement to arrive at the scene, keep conversations to a minimum. You should never discuss the accident in detail with the other drivers. 

    Above all, do not talk about who may be at fault for the collision. Even if you believe that you caused the accident, you may be wrong! 

    Accepting the blame for the collision may result in an inability to recover the financial compensation that you are rightfully owed. Trade information with the other drivers and provide factual descriptions about the crash to the reporting officers. 

    Never discuss legal liability without the advice of a seasoned truck accident lawyer.

    Contact a Skilled Legal Expert

    After you have taken the previous steps, contact a trustworthy tort law firm in Big Pine Key, Florida. Having a legal representative work on your case from the beginning will give you the highest likelihood of a positive outcome.

    The knowledgeable legal specialists at Morgan & Morgan will review your truck accident case and determine the best course of action. You may be owed significant financial compensation, especially if a freight truck company’s negligence led to your accident or injuries.

  • How Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help Me?

    Most accident victims are unfamiliar with the various requirements of a tort legal claim. When you hire a skilled personal injury lawyer, they will handle all of the elements of your case. 

    This allows accident victims to focus on their own health and recovery. Also, a knowledgeable attorney will have the skills and experience necessary to build a powerful case on your behalf. 

    The tort lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have decades of experience representing victims in commercial trucking collisions. When you hire our firm, our legal team will oversee the following important elements of your claim: 

    • Collecting relevant documents and evidence
    • Gathering police reports and medical records
    • Accurately determining the value of your accident claim
    • Determining which parties are legally liable for the damage
    • Completing and filing required legal paperwork
    • Ensuring that court fees and expenses are paid
    • Meeting all relevant legal deadlines
    • Determining relevant laws and statutes
    • And more

    One of the most important functions of a personal injury attorney is negotiating on behalf of clients. When you have been hurt in a collision, you should never speak with an insurance adjuster on your own. 

    Most insurance companies boost their profits by undervaluing and denying accident claims that are filed. Even a small and insignificant comment may be used to deny you the money that is rightfully yours. 

    For example, if the adjuster asks how you are and you say “fine,” this may be used against you. Under normal circumstances, this would only be a social nicety. But a tightfisted insurance agency may suggest that this response is proof that your injuries are only minor. Do not let this happen to you. 

    Morgan & Morgan’s skilled truck accident lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL, will negotiate forcefully on your behalf. We will fight diligently to recover maximum financial compensation in your commercial truck accident case.

  • What Types of Financial Damages Are Available in Truck Accident Claims?

    Like most civil legal claims, commercial trucking accident cases usually involve two categories of damages. These two primary categories are called “economic” and “non-economic.” 

    Economic damages cover the directly relevant monetary losses that the victim sustained from the accident. Some of the most common examples include: 

    • Property damage costs
    • Current medical expenses
    • Expected future medical care costs
    • Lost income and wages from missing work
    • Inability to earn income in the future
    • And more 

    Some of the worst outcomes from traffic collisions are not financial. Victims may seek “non-economic” damages as compensation for their emotional, physical, and personal losses. Typical examples are: 

    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish and trauma
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Inability to engage in recreational activities
    • Decreased quality of life
    • And more

    It can be difficult to calculate the value of these intangible damages. That is why it is critical to consult with an attorney at the firm of Morgan & Morgan.

  • Am I Required to Report the Accident to the Police?

    Yes. In the state of Florida, law enforcement officers must draft a report for any collision involving a commercial vehicle. 

    Even if there are no injuries or significant property damage, you are required to contact the police in the event of a commercial truck accident.

  • Let Morgan & Morgan Fight for You

    Victims of traffic collisions in Big Pine Key, Florida should reach out to the skilled professionals at Morgan & Morgan. Since our firm’s founding in 1988, we have secured more than $20 billion in financial recovery for our clients. 

    You should not be denied the money that you are owed by greedy motor carriers or insurance providers. Our team of legal specialists will build a powerful case on your behalf. 

    Fill out the simple contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website to arrange a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case!

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