Where Can I Find Dog Bite Attorneys in Big Pine Key, Florida?

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Where Can I Find Dog Bite Attorneys in Big Pine Key, FL - Dog biting fingers

Dog Bite Attorneys in Big Pine Key, Florida

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend” and undoubtedly make the most loyal and loving companions. However, if not under the appropriate supervision and control of their owners, aggressive dogs can inflict horrific injuries and even cause fatalities. The likelihood of getting attacked by a dog in the Florida Keys is relatively high. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), Florida was the state with the second-highest number of dog bite insurance claims in 2021. 

Morgan & Morgan knows that dog bites are painful and can cause great financial losses. However, if you or a loved one got hurt in a dog attack on Big Pine Key, you could be entitled to damages such as medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and other types of compensation. Our dog bite attorneys in Big Pine Key, FL, can be there for you and hold irresponsible dog owners accountable. Contact us now to find out more in a free case review.  

How to Find a Dog Bite Attorney in Big Pine Key, FL

Finding an excellent dog attorney near you in Big Pine Key can be essential for getting what you deserve after suffering a dog bite injury. Consider the following steps to discover suitable attorneys:


Referrals can be an excellent way to find a dog bite attorney. You could ask coworkers, family members, other attorneys, and friends for help with finding suitable legal representation. 

Monroe County Bar Association

The Monroe County Bar Association can help you find a personal injury lawyer in the Keys who can advise and represent you in your dog bite claim. You could also contact the Florida Bar for help. 

Internet Search

An excellent attorney may only be a quick internet search away. You could simply use a Google search for Florida Keys dog bite attorneys or check out online databases such as Avvo and Martindale Hubbell to find suitable lawyers locally. 

Contact Morgan & Morgan

Why spend time searching for dog bite attorneys when you could have America’s largest personal injury law firm on your side, fighting for what you deserve? We have local dog bite lawyers on standby, ready to hear from you and assess your case. You pay nothing until and unless we recover for you. The time to file a dog bite lawsuit is generally limited in Florida, so contact us today to find out in a free case review if you have a legal claim and whether we could help you seek compensation. 

Dog Bite Injuries in Big Pine Key

While all dog breeds can potentially attack, larger and stronger animals tend to inflict more extensive wounds. Dog bites can cause severe injuries and fatalities, particularly when smaller children are attacked. Moreover, bites can get infected and potentially transmit deadly diseases such as tetanus, rabies, and others. Therefore, even a tiny scratch can potentially have serious consequences, and an injured individual should always seek medical advice after getting attacked. Common injuries in dog attacks include:  


Puncture wounds occur when the god’s teeth break through the skin and enter the deeper tissues. Puncture wounds can be deep and typically carry a high risk of infection as they are particularly challenging to clean and sanitize. 


Laceration wounds are produced by tearing the skin. They can also harbor infections as lacerations tend to be challenging to clean due to their often jagged and irregular edges harboring bacteria. 

Nerve Damage

Deep dog bites can cause nerve damage or even sever nerves entirely. Signs of nerve damage can include:

  • Weakness in the affected limb or body part
  • Burning pain
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Paralysis of the affected area
  • Pain

A severe nerve injury can be irreversible and cause permanent loss of function.  

Abrasions and Ripping Injuries

An aggressive dog may excessively tear at a person’s skin, potentially causing tears, rips, and abrasions. Ripping injuries can cause permanent disfigurement and are prone to infections. 


Infections can occur with all dog bite injuries, particularly if the wounds are not adequately cleaned and dressed by a medical professional right away. Dog bites can also cause deadly diseases. Early detection and treatment of infections can be life-saving.


Fractures from dog bites are more likely to occur from large and powerful breeds and can affect children, in particular, who have smaller and more fragile bones. Bone breaks can also happen when the victim runs away from an aggressive animal and trips or slips and falls. 

Emotional Injuries

The emotional scars of a dog attack can be just as damaging, if not more so, than the physical injuries. Individuals who were attacked may develop a lifelong fear or even develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Victims could also experience flashbacks, nightmares, and insomnia after dog attacks.

If you or a loved one got hurt in a dog attack, ensure to seek medical advice immediately and speak to an attorney. You could be entitled to compensation from the dog owner. 

Damages Available in Dog Bite Lawsuits

If a dog owner failed to control their animal and you came to harm as a result, you could qualify for damages. Depending on your injuries and financial losses due to the attack, you could recover economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic Damages

Examples of economic damages in dog attack lawsuits include but are not limited to: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Loss of wages
  • Psychological counseling 
  • Damage to property
  • Out-of-pocket costs

Non-Economic Damages 

Non-economic damages tend to be more challenging to calculate as they generally relate to the degree of a person’s suffering and inconvenience due to the injury. The amount of non-economic damages victims can recover typically relates to the scope of their physical injuries and expenses. Examples of non-economic damages can include awards for: 

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional trauma
  • Permanent disfigurement and scarring Disfigurement
  • Loss of life quality
  • Permanent disability

This list of potential damages is not exhaustive, and you could be entitled to other compensation. However, consider speaking to our personal injury attorneys, who can assess your specific case, calculate your damages, and inform you of the potential worth of your dog bite claim. 

Act Fast After a Dog Attack in Big Pine Key

Knowing what to do immediately after a dog attack can protect your health and legal rights. Your next best steps should include:

Seek Medical Help as Soon as Possible

Even if you only suffered a minor dog bite or scratch, consider seeking medical advice promptly so a medical professional can assess and clean any wounds. Dog bites, in particular deep lacerations and puncture wounds, can be prone to infections and should be disinfected immediately. Your doctor may also provide you with a prophylactic rabies treatment if they consider you at risk for the disease.

Visiting a medical professional is critical for proper wound treatment and could also be essential for protecting your rights. A doctor can provide you with a medical report stating your injuries and medical treatments. This report can be an essential piece of evidence if you later intend to file a legal claim and pursue compensation. 

Collect Evidence of the Incident

Since you could qualify for damages from the dog owner or their insurance company, consider collecting evidence of your damages and expenses immediately. Photographs of the animal, your injuries, and any damage to your clothes or personal items can be vital for proving your case. 

If there are any witnesses, ask them for names and contact details as they could later testify on your behalf. Do not throw away any ripped clothing or personal items damaged in the attack. Moreover, collect all receipts for out-of-pocket expenses due to the attack, such as medications, bandages, transportation costs, medical expenses, and others. To get adequately reimbursed, you will need to present evidence of all your costs.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney

If you suffered a significant injury and expenses, consider contacting a dog bite attorney in Big Pine Key, FL, as soon as possible. Dog bites can wreck your health and cause a huge dent in your finances. If a dog owner’s recklessness caused your financial losses and injuries, they should pay for your damages. An attorney from Morgan & Morgan can advise you and move forward with the legal process of pursuing damages.  

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Do I Have to Go to Court With a Dog Bite Case?

    According to the American Bar Association (ABA), most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court, and only a few cases go to trial. However, there is often no way of telling what will happen at the outset of your claim. Some dog bite victims have to file a lawsuit, and there is the possibility that you may have to go to trial to fight for the full worth of your claim. 

    Having an experienced and tenacious personal injury lawyer by your side can be critical when negotiating an adequate out-of-court settlement. Your attorney can also fight for what you deserve at a trial.

  • How Can a Morgan & Morgan Dog Bite Attorney in Big Pine Key, FL, Help Me?

    Proving a dog bite claim and receiving what you deserve can be challenging. However, our experienced dog bite lawyers know how to build a case against the negligent party and can handle your dog bite claim from beginning to end. You pay nothing out of your own pocket as we only get paid if and when we win your case. We can:

    • Gather evidence to prove a dog owner’s negligence
    • Build a case against the responsible party 
    • Calculate and prove your damages 
    • Negotiate a fair out-of-court settlement with an insurer or dog owner
    • Represent your interests strongly at trial 
  • What Happens if the Dog Owner Leaves the Scene of the Attack?

    Similar to a car accident, fleeing the scene of a dog attack could be a crime. Florida dog owners are legally responsible if their dog attacks and injures a person. Dog owners must provide their name, contact details, and the dog’s name and license number. They should also provide you with their insurance coverage policy details so you can file a claim for damages.

    If the dog owner is leaving the scene of the attack without providing you with their details, ensure to note down details about them and their pet or take a picture. Your notes and photographs could help law enforcement locate the dog owner, especially in a small community such as Big Pine Key. 

  • How Do I Respond to a Lowball Dog Bite Settlement Offer?

    Receiving a lowball settlement offer can be upsetting and frustrating. However, do not be surprised when an insurance adjuster makes a low settlement offer, as the practice is extremely common when filing a claim. Insurance companies want to preserve their profits and hope you will accept the low offer and simply walk away. 

    However, do not be tempted to accept the first offer from an insurer. The amount offered may be significantly lower than what you deserve and need. After receiving a lowball offer, your best next step is to contact an attorney and get legal advice. 

    A dog bite attorney at Morgan & Morgan knows the value of your claim and can fight the insurance company or the defendant's lawyer to fight for your due. We never settle for less and do not shy away from fighting an insurance company at a trial, if necessary.

  • Our Dog Bite Lawyers Fight for Maximum Compensation 

    If you or a loved one got hurt due to a dog owner’s negligence, you deserve adequate compensation. Morgan & Morgan has helped thousands of injured victims recover what they needed to put their lives back together after suffering a personal injury. We have recovered more than $20 billion for our clients and could help you, too, recover what you deserve. 

    Let Morgan & Morgan assess your case, advise you, and move forward with a claim for compensation if appropriate. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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