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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Claim Representation

When you file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it’s because you’ve faced discrimination in the workplace. You trust that the EEOC  — true to its name — will support you in the fight for equality, and in some cases, compensation.

But if you’re facing an EEOC mediation, having an experienced lawyer on your side is the best way to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

We’ve long supported workers who have been mistreated by their employers, whether they faced discrimination, unpaid wages, or any other number of injustices. Just part of that is representing clients in EEOC mediation.

Our experienced EEOC attorneys will not just show up for the mediation — they will prepare ahead of the case and make sure you have insight into the mediation process, so you can show up to the mediation feeling confident in your success. Our attorneys will negotiate on your behalf, and never settle for less than you deserve.

After all, your employer will have an attorney at the mediation. Why shouldn’t you? 

Why Morgan & Morgan?

In the most difficult moments of your life, we have your back. We won’t let big companies take advantage of you; that’s why we fight for full and fair compensation. We’ve recovered over $7 billion for our clients over 30-plus years fighting For The People, and we’re never afraid to take a case to trial if it means getting you the compensation you deserve. 

Finances are likely a concern when you’re challenging an employer over wrongdoing. Fortunately, our services cost nothing up front. We only get paid when you do, and our fee comes out of the favorable settlement or jury award — you never pay out of pocket. Our aim is to help you get justice quickly, then move forward. 

How Do I Get Started?

Our employment law attorneys are here to help you navigate this process. If you or a loved one are facing an EEOC mediation, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact us today so we can fight for you

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