Juvenile Dependency

Far too many children suffer abuse and neglect. According to data highlighted by the National Children's Alliance, over 683,000 children were the victims of such circumstances in 2015. Mistreated children often suffer lasting physical and emotional damage, which can follow them long into adulthood.

Several states maintain dependency courts, which seek to protect the best interests of children who lack proper support from parents or guardians. While proposed solutions can vary dramatically according to local legislation and the unique circumstances of each case, dependency cases sometimes end with loving families being torn apart. Juvenile lawyers can act as key advocates for both the children and parents who might be impacted by the dependency process. 

What Is Dependency Law?

A niche area of juvenile law, dependency refers to any case involving minors under the care of allegedly neglectful or abusive parents. Dependency cases may also involve children who have lost their parents to death, imprisonment, or other circumstances beyond their control. In general, courts seek to pursue arrangements that benefit children's best interests. In reality, however, this process often ends in devastation.

How Can a Juvenile Law Attorney Help?

Juvenile law attorneys can play a critical role in dependency cases. These legal situations can vary significantly from one state to the next; attorneys with local expertise can help parents and children navigate their region's juvenile system to ensure the best possible resolution. Ideally, juvenile dependency attorneys will tailor their representation to account for unique complications or circumstances that could impact the final outcome. These attorneys are willing to guide families through every element of the dependency process, which could include:

  • Child protective services investigations
  • Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) grievance hearings
  • De facto parent matters
  • Dependency court proceedings

Why Work With Morgan & Morgan?

Swift action is critical in dependency cases. Parents often receive little notice of the court system's intentions; those who take too long to seek legal assistance may be left to pick up the pieces following a devastating decision. The attorneys of Morgan & Morgan understand the sensitive nature of these issues and are willing to provide the prompt yet strategic representation needed to secure a desirable outcome. Their assistance can spell the difference between the unimaginable and a brighter future for the families they serve.

As you move forward with your juvenile dependency case, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at Morgan & Morgan. We understand the sensitive nature of dependency matters — but we also recognize the vital role legal advocacy can play as you pursue the healthiest and safest possible future for your loved ones. With our help, you and your family can arrive at a legal outcome that ensures a positive future. To learn more about our full scope of juvenile law services, fill out a free case evaluation today.

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