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Weight of Snow, Rain, and Ice Damage

The buildup of snow, sleet, hail, and rain isn’t just annoying; it can also be destructive. Flat or slightly sloped roofs are prone to collecting heavy loads of snow, rain, and ice during the winter months, and that weight can cause serious damage, including cracks, leaks, or even full or partial collapses. These issues may not just damage the roof itself, but also whatever is inside the structure it’s covering.

While weight of snow, rain, and ice damage is covered under many property insurance policies, these policies often include vague or complex language outlining situations where the damage isn’t covered. Because of these nuances, most people can’t tell if the insurer is acting in good faith when they deny a claim or offer less than the full amount.

Our Property Damage Attorneys Can Help

If your property suffered damage related to snow, rain, or ice, and you’ve had a claim denied, delayed, or lowballed, that doesn’t mean that your claim isn’t fully covered. As one of our attorneys likes to say, “Every insurance case I’ve ever won had one thing in common: They all started with ‘No.’”

At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys have been handling insurance cases like these for decades. We’ve seen every tactic big insurance companies use to try and avoid paying claims, and we know how to beat them. These companies know that our lawyers are ready and willing to go to trial if necessary. Our track record forces insurance companies to take us, and our clients, seriously. Call now for a free case review to see if we can help you.

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