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Lightning Damage Insurance

Lighting strikes are a surprisingly common occurrence in some parts of the United States – Central Florida for example, which averages more than 100 days of lightning storms per year – and the damage they do to property can be very serious. 

Fires are the most obvious types of damage, but other possible damages include the “frying” of a home or building’s electrical system (requiring a full re-wiring) and pinhole leaks in the plumbing (which can cause persistent leaks that are very hard to track down and fix). 

Luckily, lighting strike property damage is covered by the majority of property insurance policies. Unluckily, insurance companies aren’t always so eager to pay up, and that can lead to claim denials, lowball settlement offers, or cynical delays in processing. 

If this has happened to you, call the Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group for a free consultation under our Second Look program. We may be able to help you collect the insurance payment you are owed. 

Fighting and Winning For The People 

Going up against an insurance company can feel like an impossible task. They have the resources to drown you in paperwork and the expertise to generate sophisticated-sounding justifications for denying, lowballing, or delaying paying the money they rightfully owe you. 

Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group attorneys have been fighting and beating these tactics for decades, and we have recovered millions for clients who didn’t think they were strong enough to take on their insurance company and win. Best of all, our clients don’t pay us a dime unless we win for them.  

So if you’re having trouble getting your lighting damage paid for, give us a call. We’re available 24/7, and we want to get started fighting for you. 


Do I really not have to pay anything up front to hire you? 

That is correct. Morgan & Morgan works under the contingency-fee model, which means that we only get paid if we win. This means that there’s no such thing as someone who can’t afford to hire us. 

What kind of lighting damage cases will you pursue?

Any kind of serious damage that can be attributed to the lighting strike, and that the insurance company is refusing to pay in full, on time, or at all. 

I know my property took lightning damage, even though my insurer is claiming otherwise. What should I do?

Give us a call so we can arrange for another assessment. This can be used to strengthen your case, and bring the insurer back to the negotiating table. 

My insurance company sent an expert to inspect my property, and they said the damage wasn’t the kind covered in my policy. What should I do?

Give us a call, and let us review that expert’s report. Experts hired by the insurance company are often motivated to find in favor of the insurance company. Let us give it a Second Look for free.

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