Owning a home requires regular upkeep and maintenance, from cleaning out gutters to replacing HVAC filters. But what happens if the home you’ve worked so hard to take care of sustains severe property damage because of a problem you couldn’t even see?

This scenario is a reality for so many homeowners in the US with homes built before 1975, and the culprit behind it all is cast iron pipe plumbing systems that are prematurely failing due to corrosion.

Worse yet, insurance companies are making it difficult for homeowners dealing with bad cast iron pipes to get the compensation they need to replace the pipes and repair the damage done to their property. Insurance companies are wrongfully denying or underpaying claims, blaming the damage caused by the cast iron pipes on common “wear and tear.”

That isn’t right. That’s why our attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are helping homeowners fight back against insurance companies acting in bad faith and get the compensation they need. If you suspect your home may have failing cast iron pipes, contact us today by filling out our free no-risk case review.

The Problem with Cast Iron Pipes

New homes are generally equipped with PVC piping, but prior to 1975, cast iron was the piping material used in most homes in the US.

Although they’re supposed to have a lifespan of 50-75 years and should still be functional today, cast iron pipes are breaking down and failing all across the United States at a rapid pace due to premature corrosion. In some homes, cast iron pipes failed less than 25 years after installation, leading to major headaches and costly damage for some homeowners in the state.

Home or office built before 1975? Learn the truth about the ticking time bomb of pipes problems that await you. Download our FREE pipes guide today.

Signs Your Pipes Are Failing

There are some clear signs that your cast iron pipes are broken, including:

  • Slow drainage
  • Water-stains on carpet/rug
  • Discolored floor tiles and tile grout
  • Broken, cracked, or raised floor tiles
  • Pest infestation
  • Foul smells in your home
  • Water backups in your drain or toilet
  • Leaks

This is not an exhaustive list. If you have experienced water damage, and you suspect it may be linked to corroded cast iron pipes, contact us today.

Think You Have Bad Pipes? We Can Help You Check

If you suspect you have bad pipes but aren’t sure, our attorneys can help you find out for certain. If your house fits the criteria below, call us today:

  • Your house was built before 1975, and you’ve filed a water damage claim that was denied or lowballed in the past.
  • Your house was built before 1975 and there is evidence of water damage, but you have yet to file a claim.

We can set your mind at ease by checking to see if you have faulty cast iron pipes in your home. If you do have property damage as a result of bad pipes, and your insurance company underpays or denies your claim, our attorneys can help. We’ll fight to try and get you the fair compensation you need to replace the pipes in your entire house and fix the damage.

If you think you may have a bad pipe claim, fill out our free, no-risk form today.


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