What is a public adjuster, and what is their role in my case after I hire your firm?

When you file an insurance claim, you expect the insurance adjuster to treat you fairly during the review process. Unfortunately, far too many insurance adjusters either deny claims or offer settlements that are well below what a policyholder deserves. How can you fight back against an unreasonable insurance adjuster? You should hire an experienced personal injury attorney who has compiled a record of success winning insurance claim appeals. There is another option that most policyholders do not know about when filing an insurance claim.

You can hire a public insurance adjuster to help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

What is a public insurance adjuster, and what is their role in my case after I hire your firm? Public insurance adjusters conduct the same reviews of insurance claims that insurance company adjusters conduct. The difference between a public insurance adjuster and an insurance company adjuster is that a public adjuster reviews claims with a much more objective perspective. At Morgan and Morgan, our team of state-licensed personal injury lawyers reviews your case to determine whether a public adjuster can help you receive just compensation for an insurance claim.

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What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is an independent professional who represents a policyholder. Similar to the role of an insurance company adjuster, a public adjuster reviews the claim filed by a client to calculate a reasonable payout based on the severity of the policyholder’s injuries and the value of any financial losses. A public adjuster considers the terms written into a client’s insurance policy to ensure the client receives just compensation.

If you file an insurance claim without the support of a public adjuster and a personal injury attorney, your insurance company might see that as a sign to lowball your claim or outright deny it. Hiring a public adjuster demonstrates to your insurance company that you are serious about receiving the compensation you deserve based on your injuries, as well as the terms that are written into your insurance policy. The public adjuster that you hire to review your claim receives a percentage of the payout issued by your insurance company.

When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

Should I hire a public adjuster before or after I meet with a Morgan and Morgan personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation? You should meet for a free case evaluation with a Morgan and Morgan personal injury lawyer before hiring a public adjuster. With more than 35 years of experience handling personal injury cases, Morgan and Morgan has developed a list of highly-qualified public adjusters that have amassed an impressive record of helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve from their insurance companies. The personal injury lawyer that you meet with for a free case evaluation might recommend not hiring a public adjuster because your claim contains overwhelmingly persuasive medical and physical evidence.

If you decide to hire a public adjuster, you should do it before you file an insurance claim. A public adjuster offers advice on how to boost the strength of your claim by including more convincing evidence, as well as presenting statements made by witnesses. If you wait until your insurance company denies or lowballs your claim, your chances of getting just compensation decreases.

How Do I Find a Qualified Public Adjuster?

The personal injury attorney that you meet with for a free case evaluation can recommend an experienced public adjuster who has compiled a proven record of getting clients the compensation they deserve. You can search the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) website for potential candidates to hire a public insurance adjuster. The NAPI Directory lists every public adjuster required to obtain a license to operate in the state where you live. Simply enter your zip code or city and state into the database box to generate a list of state-licensed public insurance adjusters. You also can network with friends, family members, and professional peers to receive recommendations.

After you narrow your search down to a few candidates, ask each candidate how much they charge for their services. Most public adjusters charge a flat percentage fee, which can be as small as five percent or as much as 20 percent. How much a public adjuster charges depends on the complexity of your case, as well as whether you have filed your insurance claim.

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