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Gas plays a huge role in our everyday lives. From summer barbecues to winter heating, it has a helpful presence during all seasons in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, the very people gas benefits can suffer lasting harm if it is not controlled properly.

Over time, gas can build up and spark fires or even explosions. These incidents cause devastating property damage. They also prompt injuries that lead to years and even decades of physical and emotional suffering.

Gas-prompted explosions are often attributed to the homeowners or other individuals they harm. However, in many cases, the gas and utility providers are to blame. When utility provider negligence harms you or your loved ones, pursuing legal recourse is your best option.

Common Sources of Gas Explosions

Lots of products can prompt natural gas leaks if they lack proper construction or testing. From there, explosions can occur. Negligence may also be at play during the installation process or in later maintenance efforts — or lack thereof. Examples of product defects or negligence leading to gas explosions include:

  • Leaking flex pipes or valves in gas ovens.
  • Improper venting of propane tanks.
  • Improper installation of gas furnaces, water heaters, or other appliances.
  • Failure of landlords or other responsible parties to properly inspect or maintain gas appliances.

Sometimes, warning signs are evident long before explosions occur, but responsible parties fail to take action, triggering devastating consequences.

Why Work With a Gas Explosion Lawyer?

As the victim of a gas explosion, you deserve expert legal representation from an attorney you can trust. Your attorney can help you recover considerable damages related to your accident. These could include property damages, medical expenses, emotional suffering, and lost wages.

While nothing can reverse the trauma, you endured due to negligence, your gas explosion lawyer’s efforts make the financial element of your accident easier to manage. Also, your lawyer can ease the stress associated with the legal process along the way. With the right gas explosion lawyer by your side, you’ll never feel as if you’re going up against big companies or other daunting defendants alone.

Why Morgan & Morgan?

A variety of factors can influence gas explosion cases. It takes a highly skilled attorney to sort through these elements and associated evidence to build a winning case. Morgan & Morgan has a proven track record handling these kinds of cases, recovering more than $5 billion dollars on behalf of our clients.

We understand what you’re going through and will provide you the representation you deserve. We’ll assign you a full legal team to navigate your claim from start to finish, providing you the best service possible. More than 100,000 clients trust Morgan & Morgan, and we treat them all like family, handling their cases personally.

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