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Wright Conserve Hip Replacement

Our attorneys are investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of patients who were implanted with Wright Medical Technology’s Conserve hip replacements. A number of patients have filed lawsuits against Wright Medical, claiming that the company released a defective line of hip implants and is therefore liable for related monetary damages. In light of this growing litigation, our attorneys are looking to hear from any patient who has been implanted with a Wright Conserve hip replacement to help determine whether they may be able to join this growing litigation.

Have you or a loved one been implanted with a Wright Conserve hip replacement? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. To learn more about your potential legal rights, contact us today for a free case review. There is no cost or obligation to have your claim reviewed by the firm.

Wright Conserve MDL: Status of the Lawsuits

In Feb. 2012, a panel of federal judges ordered that all Wright hip lawsuits involving the following devices be consolidated to the U.S. District Court for the North District of Georgia before a single judge:

  • Conserve Femoral Hip Surface Replacement
  • Conserve Plus Total Resurfacing Hip System
  • Conserve Total A-Class Advanced Metal
  • Conserve Total Hip System

The Wright hip replacement lawsuits were consolidated to a single court because they shared similar allegations surrounding the design, manufacture, marketing and performance of the Conserve hip implant products. Consolidation will allow these cases to be resolved more consistently and efficiently.

Wright Hip Replacement Lawsuits Allege Hip Failure, Metal Toxicity

Should the patient develop metal toxicity from the excess debris, other health problems affecting the heart, thyroid, vision, hearing and nervous system may develop.

The pending hip implants lawsuits claim that Wright Medical Technology released a defective line of hip implants and failed to properly warn patients of the products' potential risks. Specifically, the suits allege that the metal-on-metal design of the Conserve products can generate excessive levels of metal debris which can cause metal toxicity and/or early failure, including loosening of the acetabular cup.

According to the lawsuits, the metal cup and metal ball of the hip replacements are causing excessive heat and friction, resulting in the release of metal particles into the patient's surrounding tissue and bloodstream. Should the patient develop metal toxicity from the excess debris, other health problems affecting the heart, thyroid, vision, hearing and nervous system may develop. Furthermore, it has been alleged that excessive metallic debris can cause a severe inflammatory response, resulting in soft tissue and muscle damage which can compromise revision surgery.

Other Wright hip replacement problems which have been reported in Conserve recipients include the following:

  • Severe pain
  • Trouble standing or walking
  • Crunching or popping noises
  • Tissue inflammation
  • Infection
  • Hip fractures or dislocation {: .circle .two-col .clearfix}

Wright Hip Replacement Problems: Similar Complaints Among Other Metal-on-Metal Recipients

Metal-on-metal hip replacements, such as the Wright Conserve products, have prompted a wave of new litigation, as well as growing concern from patients and medical professionals alike. In June 2012, the FDA convened a panel of experts to make recommendations regarding the use ofmetal-on-metal implants, as well as the management of patients implanted with these devices. The panel found that there is little use for the metal-on-metal hip replacements, which were originally marketed as a longer-lasting alternative to plastic and ceramic models.

The panel advised that patients who experienced pain and other symptoms should undergo regular x-rays and blood testing, but also noted that no standard diagnostic kit to test for chromium and other metals is available. While the FDA is considering the recommendations, the agency has not raised the possibility of removing the products from the market.

Contact a Wright Hip Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has been implanted with a Wright Conserve hip replacement or any metal-on-metal device, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the product maker of your hip implant to seek compensation for medical bills, physical pain and other damages. Our Wright hip lawyers have decades of experience in handling lawsuits against the top medical device and drug manufacturers and are committed to protecting the rights of patients who were injured due to defective products. Our attorneys can also help you with other malpractice issues that might arise.

Check out our dedicated class action website for more information on pending class actions.

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