Oreck Halo Class Action

Oreck Halo Class Action

According to the FTC, Oreck Corporation made false and unproven claims regarding the health benefits of its Halo vacuum and ProShield Plus air cleaner. These appliances were advertised as having the ability to reduce the risk of the flu and other illness, as well as eliminate common germs and allergens; however, the FTC alleges that these claims are false and deceptive, and has required Oreck to discontinue using such statements until it can provide reliable scientific evidence to support these claims.

Because Oreck allegedly made false and deceptive claims regarding its Halo vacuum and ProShield Plus air cleaner, consumers who purchased either product may have legal recourse to recover financial compensation by participating in an Oreck class action suit. However, we are no longer taking claims for this class action case.

FTC: Oreck UV Vacuum, Air Purifier Claims are Deceptive

An Oreck Halo class action may be possible, as the FTC charged the company with making the following allegedly false and deceptive claims: {: .format .blue .bold .italic}

  • The Halo vacuum and ProShield Plus can reduce the risk of or prevent the flu
  • The Halo vacuum and ProShield Plus can prevent the common cold, diarrhea, asthma, allergy symptoms, upset stomach, and other conditions caused by allergens, molds, viruses and bacteria
  • The vacuum can eliminate nearly all common germs and allergens found on users' floors
  • The ProShield Plus can eliminate nearly all airborne particles from a typical household room
  • The Halo vacuum's UV light is effective against germs, bacteria, mold, viruses and dust mites found in carpets

The FTC claimed that the above statements were false, as the company did not have a reasonable basis to make such claims. No scientific tests had been performed to prove that the vacuum or air cleaners could eliminate household germs and allergens, according to the FTC.

Oreck Class Action Suit

Since the FTC has alleged that the health claims made by Oreck are deceptive, consumers who purchased either the Halo vacuum or ProShield Plus may have legal recourse to recover compensation. Potentially, an Oreck class action lawsuit would allow consumers the chance to seek recovery of the costs of these products, which retailed at $599.95 and $399.95 respectively.

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