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Long Term Care Policy Replacements

Long Term Care Policy Replacements

Our attorneys would like to hear from consumers who replaced a long-term care policy at the suggestion or recommendation of an insurance company or agent and experienced problems with the new policy.

It is believed that these newer insurance policies may provide less coverage than the existing policies in an attempt to save the insurance company from future exposure. If you or a loved one replaced an existing long-term care policy, our attorneys would like to speak with you about any problems you have encountered.

Are you having problems after replacing your long-term care policy? Fill out our free case review form and our lawyers will evaluate your claim, at no cost to you. We would like to discuss the options you may be able to pursue with our assistance.

Replacing a Long-Term Care Policy

If you are considering replacing a long-term care policy, examine your current policy’s benefits to the new, replacement policy. When an insurance agent or company approaches you about replacing your policy, keep in mind that they may not always have your best interests in mind. To ensure you are receiving the coverage you need, ask for information on how replacing the policy will affect you. Should you elect to replace your long-term care policy, don’t cancel your current coverage until the new one has taken effect.

Long-Term Care Policy Lawyers

Long-term care policies play a vital role, as they cover care which is generally not included in health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare plans. The attorneys at our firm would like to see that those who require such coverage are not being violated of their legal rights. If you are experiencing problems after replacing a long-term policy at the recommendation of an insurance company or agent, contact us today for a free case review. We may be able to assist if this new, recommended policy is providing less coverage than your former plan.

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