Gentek Siding Problems

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It was alleged the manufacturer of Gentek siding produced and sold defective product, which is prone to chipping, cracking and peeling, and has failed to fully uphold the terms of their product’s warranties against these and other manufacturing defects.

Gentek Siding Complaints

A number of Gentek siding complaints have surfaced among homeowners who experienced problems with these exterior siding products. The following are among the reported Gentek siding problems:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Inconsistency in paint color

Gentek offered warranties against these problems, and other manufacturing defects, making them liable for the repair, replacement or refinishing of the siding. For individuals, these warranties remain in effect for life, while corporate and governmental entities are protected for 50 years.

However, some homeowners have alleged that when they complained about the peeling paint, they received a sum which is significantly less than what the company is liable for under their contract, an amount which is not enough to make the siding conform, or an offer to repaint the siding, which may not fully resolve the consumer’s Gentek siding problems.

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