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Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

Your privacy is important, and companies should treat your data with the utmost confidentiality. 

Recent evidence, however, has exposed the negligent data violations of popular genealogy sites, such as MyHeritage, Classmates, and These services recklessly exposed names and yearbook photos of individuals who didn’t have accounts, which unknowingly put many individuals at risk. If you’re one of the victims, you’re not alone, and Morgan & Morgan is here to help.

How Do I Know if I’m a Victim?

It’s unacceptable for a company to mishandle private data, and especially if it’s the data of individuals who don’t even use the service. To check if your information was exposed, use the following resources:

When using these resources, you should not sign up for any free-trial services within the website, as this will make you ineligible for the class action lawsuit. If you discover any of your personal information during your search, complete a free, no-risk case evaluation for information on your next step.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Data privacy cases involve many complicated laws and regulations that can make it difficult to advocate for your situation on your own. When you team up with Morgan & Morgan, you join a group of proficient attorneys who have the resources to fight for the rights of you and all other victims of data violations. Organizations that handle data are required to abide by certain laws to protect you, and we’re here to hold them accountable when they fail to do so. 

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Malicious individuals who have access to your data can potentially use it against you and cause unnecessary pain. This could have serious consequences for you and your family, which makes the actions of these popular genealogy services especially intolerable. Unless negligent organizations are held accountable for their data violations, the issue will continue to occur, and millions more families could have privacy diminished or destroyed entirely. 

Morgan & Morgan is prepared to fight tirelessly for you if you were impacted by this data violation.  

If you’ve checked the resources above and have found your records within their site, contact us today for more information on how to secure the compensation you’re entitled to.

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