Mar 18, 2024

YMCA Brain Injury Lawsuit Settles

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Three years ago, 17-year-old Cody Roszina suffered a brain injury at the Cherokee County YMCA. Last week, his brain injury lawsuit was settled for just under $500,000, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The case asserted that the YMCA was negligent in supervising the youth offenders involved in one of their programs, though the organization denies this claim. In spite of settling the lawsuit, the YMCA reportedly admits no guilt in this situation.

Roszina, now 20 and suffering from difficulty focusing and performing work, was attacked by one of the other youth offenders in the program during a disagreement. The attacker struck Roszina in the head with an iron fire poker in the YMCA’s facility during an allegedly unsupervised moment. The suit asserts that the YMCA was also negligent in leaving dangerous implements where offenders could access them. 

This suit represents the complicated nature of brain injury cases in a number of ways. It can take a few years, as it has in this case, to fully assess the nature of the damage a traumatic brain injury has caused to an individual’s mental processes. What’s more, the issue of negligence is rarely clear-cut. The YMCA claims the children were not left unsupervised and that the fire poker that was left next to the fireplace in their dining hall was not a liability, while the suit claims otherwise.

It often takes a skilled Georgia brain injury lawyer to build a case that can hold up to scrutiny on the issues of negligence and the extent of a brain injury, combining a thorough knowledge of both the law and medicine. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury in Atlanta, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.