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WA Teen Severely Burned When Vape Explodes in His Pocket

Vabe in hand with smoke around

An 18-year-old Vancouver, Washington, man is recovering from severe burns from a freak explosion of the battery of his e-cigarette, KPTV reported. The victim, Tyler Wiley, was returning from a vaping break at his job at Wendy’s when the battery ignited in his pocket. He was walking past the grill when it happened. The explosion caused his pants to catch fire, inflicting third-degree burns and melting his pants to his skin. Doctors told Wiley that he may need a skin graft to repair the damage. He says walking is nearly impossible.

Wiley says he has been vaping for about a year and always purchases batteries recommended for his vape pen. He says he will never vape again. It is not clear what causes vape pen batteries to explode, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends using proper chargers; using dry, undamaged batteries; protecting vapes from extreme temperatures; and keeping batteries stored in a case away from metal objects.

An injury caused through normal use of a consumer product can be a horrifying experience  As more consumer electronics use rechargeable batteries, device explosions are becoming more common. There have now been tablets, hoverboards, and vapes that have exploded or caught fire from regular use. If you or a loved one has been the victim of combusting electronics, you may be entitled to compensation. With over [ftp_global_var:years] years of experience, Morgan & Morgan can put you in the best position to win your case against negligent device manufacturers. You may even be able to take advantage of a class action or mass tort suit. To determine your options and best course of action, fill out a free case evaluation form to get started.